Mellon vs. Jester

Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Wed, Nov01, 2017 8:49pm America/Phoenix
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Mellon vs. Jester
(WWX Exclusive flashes across the screen. A packed house show awaits Bob Mellon to make his appearance to comment on his upcoming match with Jester at Hall of Pain. Guerilla Radio hits the sound system as a chorus of boos fills the arena. Mellon walks through the curtain in street clothes and walks straight to the ring. Once in the ring, he signals for a microphone as the music fades. As the music fades the deafening jeering continues to grow. Mellon smiles as if he isn't remotely bothered by the crowd)

Announcer: Mellon making his first appearance after being distracted and losing to Flyer last week. He was not a happy camper but he now seems to be a bit more level-headed. 

Mellon: You can scream and hate all you want. At the end of the day you know who the best is. You know who the next International Champion is going to be.

(Crowd begins to chant, JESTER, JESTER, JESTER)

Announcer: This crowd is letting Mellon know who they are looking forward to seeing at Hall of Pain. 

Mellon: You think that clown has anything on me? You cheer for your joker. Cheer for your little court Jester. I am here for one reason. This time, next week, you will be looking at the man you all turned your back on taking this organization and that second-rate title to a whole new level. 

(The boos grow with a great crescendo)

Announcer: Hey, this organization has put food on your plate. They have made you the star that you are. Who the hell does this guy think he is. 

Mellon: Keep the booing going. Keep the nonsense coming. Your pathetic cries are wasted. You all had a chance to choose the right side. You all had your chance to make the right decision. Do you all forget? When I had a shot at getting a title shot against Hex Girl, you cheered Jester and his interference. You cheered that cowardly move and as they both stood above my battered body, with their titles in the air, you treated them like heroes. HEROES! Is that your idea of heroes? So, now it is my goal to tear apart every hero you have. I want to leave nothing but a trail of disaster and carnage as I work my way through the WWX. I want to leave you all with nothing more than me. Standing high above the rest of the trash you all cheer for. That poster that hangs in your bedroom. Your little figurines. Your t-shirts, and memorabilia that you treasure. I will crush it all. I will make you realize that you backed the wrong side. You killed your hero by awakening the evil within me. 

(The crowd boos again as a Mellon Sucks chant starts)

Announcer: Finally Mellon is hearing the truth for once...

Mellon: I suck?!?!? If I suck then where is your hero? Where is your Jester? Where are you?!?!! 

(Suddenly the arena goes black. A large cheer comes from the crowd. Suddenly the lights are back on. Jester is standing behind Mellon.)

Announcer: Oh my god!! He doesn't see it. JESTER! JESTER!! This is phenomenal!! Mellon has no idea!!! 

Mellon: (Still not knowing Jester is behind him) What!??! Where is he. Where is.... (Huge pop in the crowd as Mellon turns around and sees Jester. Mellon irate with fury attempts a punch that is blocked. Jester hits Mellon with three quick punches and a clothesline over the top rope. Mellon falls to the floor outside. The crowd goes crazy as Mellon slams his hands on the mat. He marches around the ring screaming at Jester who stands confidently looking down at Mellon. 

Announcer: Just like that Mellon is shut up and he is losing his mind. This is an angry man but the International Champion has left his mark. He will not be intimidated by Bob Mellon. Mellon is fuming. Hall of Pain is going to be amazing! Mellon Vs. Jester! The International Championship is up for grabs!! We'll be right back! 

(The scene fades with the crowd going crazy...)

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