Midnight City

Roleplay Roleplay by SYNDICATE
On Mon, Nov13, 2017 12:59pm America/Phoenix
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Midnight City


*The image of static covers the screen before giving way to the image of the famous Jackson Street Bridge in Atlanta, Georgia.  It is nighttime here in Georgia's largest city, and from the bridge, a very scenic view of the Atlanta skyline can be seen.*


*After remaining on this image for a few seconds, the camera pans leftward to reveal the profile of a man, looking out at the lights with his back to the camera.  A light breeze rustles the man's black sweatshirt as he leans against the bridge's railing.*

???: It looks so beautiful at night.

*The man turns around and faces the camera, revealing himself to be the WWX Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, Syndicate.  He is wearing the afore-seen black sweatshirt with a white t-shirt underneath alongside blue jeans and black Nikes.  The Undisputed World title is wrapped around his waist, glinting in the moonlight.*  Syndicate readjusts his blonde hair, which has become dislodged due to the wind, before speaking again.*

Syndicate: This isn't an official nickname or anything, but I like to call Atlanta the "Midnight City."  Why?  Well, look behind me.

*He gestures to the skyline.*

Syndicate: Besides the obvious beauty, this city is made up of resilient people that will stop at nothing to get things done and achieve their dreams.  During the Civil War, this city was burned down as part of General Sherman's March to the Sea.  But it was rebuilt, turning into the crown jewel of the South.  In 1996, athletes from all over the world gathered HERE to celebrate the achievements of the human being.  They didn't go to Jerusalem.  They didn't compete in New York or London or Paris or Tokyo or anywhere else.  No, the Olympics came HERE to celebrate the one-hundredth anniversary of the world's greatest event.  This city is where it is today because of its resilient and strong population.  It's no wonder that I've won two of my five World titles here.

*Syndicate smiles.*

Syndicate: You know, I really, really thought that winning this championship for the fifth time - something that few are ever able to do even once - would have brought me a bit more respect than it has.  I mean, look at Rex McAllister; he's STILL acting like he has me all figured out.  Rex, buddy, come on.  Cut the shit.  "There's a time and place for everything"??  I mean, if that's truly what you believe, then I think I've found the fundamental difference between you and me.  From what I've seen, Rex, you are perfectly content with failing over and over again because you keep thinking to yourself, "I'll get 'em next time!"  In this way, you are the modern-day equivalent of Aaron Burr; you'll wait all day long for the right opportunity when it's "best" to strike and take me down.  That's respectable, and maybe it'll work.  But you must remember, Rex, that Aaron Burr is the one condemned at the end of the story for his actions.

Syndicate: Alexander Hamilton, on the other hand?  He was bold.  He got what he wanted with hard work and dedication.  He skipped vacations, he got into heated confrontations with other politicians, but most importantly, he GOT SHIT DONE.  Hamilton took EVERY opportunity that he could find; after all, he didn't want to "throw away his shot".  I'm Hamilton in this story, Rex.  I take every opportunity I can get my hands on, and yeah, sometimes it doesn't work out.  But I don't sit on my ass, waiting for the next "best" one.  No, I WORK to get right back to the top - if I didn't, I wouldn't be a five-time World champ, now would I?

*The wind blows his hair back out of place, but this time, he leaves it.  As a result, his left eye is now partially covered in blonde.*

Syndicate: Yeah, I'll lose this title eventually; that much is certain.  I do have to physically die at some point, you know.  But if I am still alive, and someone is able to beat THE MAN for my title in a clean manner, good on him.  He deserved it.  But that won't stop me.  That has NEVER stopped me.  I will march right back up to the top, slam that person's face into the ground, and take back what's mine.  That's what I did to Darkness at Hall of Pain.  That's why I'm here with this championship around my waist.  That's why I didn't spend the better part of the past year holding up a dead division just because someone had to do it.

Syndicate: This match of ours at Ravage, it doesn't have any major implications.  You're still gonna face off with Tommy in the best-of-five for the #1 Contendership spot.  If you win that, you're still going to have to come over and face the music - my music, to be specific.  You can't win the title here.  But both of us can make a statement, one that will resonate throughout the WWX.  You can show Tommy that you belong here and that you are the rightful contender.  I can show your ass that I deserve to be the top guy more than any other person in this company.  But at the end of the night, only one person can have his hand raised, and in Duluth, at the Infinite Energy Center, it's going to be the hand of the Los Angeles Outlaw that will rise into the air.

*The look on his face goes to complete seriousness, much like the look on Rex's face near the end of his latest video.*

Syndicate: You're right about one thing, Rex.  I have reached the pinnacle of this sport.  I DO get to bask in the euphoria of being a five-time World Champion.  And I will continue to bask in it after beating your ass on Ravage and, if it comes to it, when you face off for my title.  Darkness be damned, I, Syndicate, will be the one to put you down, once and for all.  Ravage is the first step of that.  So go be "patient" somewhere else; if you wanna beat me, you better fight for every inch like I do every damn day.  The Age of Syndicate is in full swing, Rex. 
 Better strap in or get the |BLEEP| out.  Welcome...to the Syndicate.

*He chuckles and walks off-camera right with his hands in his sweatshirt pockets.  The camera zooms back in on the Atlanta skyline before once again turning into static.*



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