Miles away from ordinary

Roleplay Roleplay by DRAGONFLY
On Mon, Apr16, 2018 1:56pm America/Phoenix
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Miles away from ordinary
Fade in. 

+ A crowded jam packed sports arena surrounds a WWX wrestling ring. All eyes are on DragonFly.

A bottle opener pops the cap off a glass corona in the front row and diverts the attention of all. 

Including DragonFly, who springboard flip kicks the hand that holds the Corona bottle. 

*A gritty, deep voiced narrative voiceover plays*

Born to America as an orphaned immigrant, DragonFly pursued his passion and became a WWX Superstar.

THAT is the Dream.

+ The beverage somersaults through the air and lands into the hand of DragonFly, taking a drink. +

"Corona. Miles Away From Ordinary".

Director: ...and cut! That's a wrap everyone. We got it. Thanks for your patience.

+ DragonFly steps away from the set and addresses the approaching WWX camera. +

Super Bacon. You hold yourself in high regard and even higher in opinion. How.. Noble.

You are a big mouth with a bigger ego. One that will be checked into checkmate.

There is a mental game of chess happening and you are still learning how to play checkers.

Your wealth of knowledge through experience of fodder with a fanbase will not change the outcome.

The only thing SUPER we seen from you thus far is the size of your braggadocio ego. 

So, Super Ego... Now that my words have inspired you to make noise and lay claims.

It will be my distinct honor, privilege and pleasure to shatter your delusions of grandeur.

You are the only opponent in the Elimination Chamber match that weighs less than DragonFly. 

That gives me fifteen more pounds of muscle along with a lower center of gravity to throw you.

Leverage. Torque. Technique. Unpredictably. This will be how you will fail and fall at my feet.

The simple truth is everything you can do? I will do better than you. Pressure creates diamonds and I am ready to shine. So show me your best and do your worst. It will all be in vain. 

You are out of your element and you are out of your league. Truth can be a harsh, hard reality. 

One you will be forced to accept at Armada. Now if you will excuse me..

There is one last, final opponent for me to address. Willie Steen? Get ready. You're next..

+ Fade out +

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