MIlton vs. Pendragon

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Sun, Nov12, 2017 1:10am America/Phoenix
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MIlton vs. Pendragon
Two weeks removed from Hall of Pain and Race for the Case Winner Xavier Pendragon continues to train and workout. Most fans who see him on the street have noticed that Xavier has taken a more serious approach when it comes to his matches instead. We see Xavier jogging on the beaches of Jekyll Island, about a few miles off the mainland. The case is seemingly in a backpack.

XAVIER: Since I have become the Race for the Case Winner, a lot of people have said that they been embarrassed or made a fool out of at Hall of Pain. It's almost like they didn't want me to win but my conviction to rise above the haters and the neysayers proved everyone wrong and now I have the perverbial key to get to become a champion anytime I wish. While this is a huge opportunity for me, I can't rest on this moral but instead I got to remain in peak fighting shape. I guess Ranger's idea of putting me in a match against the returning Euan Milton would be a challenge for me? He hasn't been seen in the WWX for years and now he chooses to return now. Like so many people before him, people that return will automatically assume that just because I've been consistant here in the WWX that I don't deserve to be in the spotlight. Well, that all changes.

Xavier stops and takes a breather. He goes in his pocket and pulls out a bottle of Powerade and takes a big swig. He wipes some sweat off his forehead and resumes his jog.

XAVIER: In Euan's recent promo, he stated that he's gonna fly straight this time around and not use any cheapshots or nothing like that. I can't confirm nor deny this fact nor do I recall facing him in the past before he left, but that's irrelavent to our upcoming encounter on Ravage. The marque just reads "Euan Milton vs. Xavier Pendragon" I know I'm a fan favorite among the the crowd where I go.

Suddenly Xavier's phone rings. Xavier touchesa bluetooth piece on his ear, answering the call.

XAVIER: Pendragon here.

???: Hey there Xavier. I see you've been making some waves in the WWX as of late.

XAVIER: Sal, it's been a while. And yeah, I've been making some moves. You still have your gym?

SAL: Not anymore. I retired 2 months ago. Now I'm home taking care of the wife and kids.

XAVIER: No problem there.

SAL: What you got going on this week?

XAVIER: I got a match with Euan Milton this week who's returning after I think a 3 or 4 year hiatus.

SAL: Wasn't he part of the Insurgence at one point?

XAVIER: He was.

SAL: I'd be careful. From what I heard, Euan Milton can be-

XAVIER: It'll be fine Sal. Euan will find out quick, fast and in a hurry that I am not the same Xavier Pendragon he may have heard about before he left. He'll find out soon enough.

SAL: I hear ya. Well I gotta run. We'll catch up later when you're in town.

XAVIER: A'ight then.

Xavier ends the call then stops, looking at the camera.

XAVIER: Euan, I heard of you before. Whether you get the Insurgence to the ring for our match is irrelavent. What you need to do and undrstand is this: I will not back down nor will retire, which I know you will say at some point. At Ravage, don't expect me to pull any punches or go easy on you just because you're returning. What you WILL get is a fight unlike you've never been in before. And if you thinking about trying to revise and revitalize your so-called Insurgence...don't. The only thing's gonna do is piss me off. I'm man enough to walk to the ring and fight my own battles by muyself without any help. Can you? See you soon Milton.

Without another word, Xavier resumes his jog...out of camera range.

scene fades

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