Mini Game - Celebrity Cyclone! Part 2

Roleplay Roleplay by SUPER BACON
On Tue, Dec12, 2017 2:04pm America/Phoenix
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Mini Game - Celebrity Cyclone! Part 2
(The camera is in Super Bacon's private room. Super Bacon walks out in his pajamas).

SB: Oh your here already! Let me just get dressed.

(Super Bacon goes back and the camera turns away. 2 minutes go by. SB walks back out of his room bit as the camera turns to face him again).

SB: OK I'm dressed now and I have already had some breakfast! So I need to go check who has signed up for the Cyclone!

(He walks over to the elevator and clicks down. He clicks SO which is Super Office. The elevator goes down. The elevator stops and the doors ding open and super bacon walks out he then struts over to a PC. He logs on and opens up his website. 10000 people have signed up).

SB: Woah 10000 people I didn't realise so many people would want to do it!

(He grabs his phone out of his pocket and dials a number).

SB: Dave is that you?

Dave: (in a phone voice) Yeah its me!

SB: can you quickly come up to my Private Office?

Dave: Yeah be there in 5 minutes!

SB: Thanks!

(They both hang up).

SB: I guess this could give me some time to talk about my opponents Krimzon Blaze and Fozzy Osbourne! First of all Fozzy. Television champion at the moment, he is a good wrestler and he congratulated me on scoring the pinfall to win, but I couldn't have done it without Rayne. He said he is done with me and said he is going to beat me for the 3rd time that is not going to happen 'bub' - as you decided to call me. I'm taking that title shot and you are not taking it away from me. Have you beaten the Undisputed Champion yet?!

(SB smirks).

SB: Now for you Krimzon, currently trying to beat Bob Mellon and Tom Black for the international championship. You have done well in WWX haven't you?! I respect you, you have been a champion many,many times and I respect that, but during this match don't expect me to lay on the floor and say 'I respect you, now pin me'! Expect me to kick you in the skull and watch you get beaten by me SUPER BACON!! Now I must get on with this.

(The elevator suddenly dings open and Dave walks out he then comes and sits next to Super Bacon).

Dave: What's the problem Bacon?

SB: Its not really a problem but I wanted you to help with this. We have 10000 people who have signed up to be part of the Cyclone!

Dave: OK let's just copy and paste their names and put them into a list on Random name selector and announce who was chosen!

SB: OK !

(SB opens up google and types in Random name selector. He then goes back to his website and copies all of the names and pastes them back on to the random name selector. He clicks the select name and it goes through all the names. It finally chooses one).

SB: John Smith!!! Oh there is like 12 of those. Oh he is 16 that's the only one that's 16 OK let's announce it. Can we advertise it on tele?

Dave: Yeah I can do that.

(Dave takes the seat and begins to do things that nobody can understand. He then clicks off).

Dave: There all down I have 

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