Mini Game - Celebrity Cyclone! Part 3

Roleplay Roleplay by SUPER BACON
On Wed, Dec13, 2017 10:04am America/Phoenix
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Mini Game - Celebrity Cyclone! Part 3
(Last Part)

Dave: I have put up the advert he will see it now!

(This Part)

(The camera is set in the back garden of the bacon building again. The cyclone mini game is set up still and Super Bacon, Rayne, Dave and John are stood there. There is also 2 men sat at an announce table).

???: (at announce table) Hello and welcome to Super Bacons version of CELEBRITY CYCLONE!! My name is Stan!

???: And my name is Lee!

Stan and Lee: OK does everyone know his this works!

Dave and Rayne:No!

SB and John: Yeah!!

Stan: OK just gonna tell ya! Let me tell you how this works. Firstly you all stand on this spinny thing and when our officials blow their blow horn thing the first person gets off and grabs 4 foam bacons and has to run up to the first bacon picture on the tarps. Easy... NOT! Its not that easy while you try and get up water will be be squirted out of hoses at full pelt and giant gymnastic balls will be lobbed at your face by other people and they try and knock you all the way back down! When the first person gets to their bacon picture with all four foam bacons the second player will go and get 3 from them and take it to their bacon picture and so on and so forth! So does everyone undertand?

All: Yeah!

Stan: Now all of you get to the spinner and it will begin soon!

(They all walk over to the Spinny thing

SB: So what order are we going in?

Rayne: I will go second!


John; I will go third!

SB: Yes this is good!

Dave: I will go first, as it takes less effort!

SB: OK, that leaves me as last!

Lee: 10...9...8...7...6...5..4...3...2...1. Go!!!!

(The spinner starts to spin at rapid speeds)

Dave: Urrgggh that's going so fast!!!

(The official blows a horn)

Stan: Go Dave!!!

(Dave jumps off the spinner and runs fumbling around a bit. He finally spots the four foam bacons. He sprints and grabs them all he begins to run up the tarp covered hill and the hoses start to switch on and are spraying directly at Dave. There are now people throwing the gymnastic balls at Dave).

Lee: Watch out Dave!!

Dave:What!? (He looks at them).

( As soon as he did that a ball hit him directly in the face)!

Dave: Oww!

Dave, John and Rayne: Go on Dave!! Get to that picture!!

(Dave falls over from the impact and begins sliding back down to the bottom. But before he gets to the bottom he stands back up. He begins to dodge lots of footballs and gym balls. He finally reaches it and slams them down on the bacon picture).

Lee: Dave did it!

Stan: Now Raynes go! 

Lee: He doesn't seem quite enthusiastic with this does he Stan?

Stan: No but watch him go!

(Rayne is hitting balls out of the way and seems not even to feel the water. He is now at Bacon).

Stan: Woah!! He is already with Dave!!

(Rayne takes three foam bacons from Dave).

Rayne: Good job Dave!!

Dave: Go on Rayne!

(Rayne carries Yeswithout breaking a sweat. He is now at his Bacon picture. He slams the three down and lays there).

Rayne: Yes!

Stan: He is already there!

Lee: Now here come John. He won the competition! 

(John runs off and fumbles a bit aswell. He runs as fast as he can. Balls are throw at him but any small football's hit him).

Lee: Does he have some sort of invisible shield on him or is it just their terrible aim!

Stan: Hahaha!!

(Dave helps John up more. John is now halfway to his spot. Rayne now helps pull him up. John gets a huge ball to his face).

John: Bugger! That hurt.

(He nearly falls to the floor but doesn't. He reaches his picture and slams them down).

John: I did it!

Stan: Yes you did do it!

Lee: Well dine John!

(Super Bacon jumps off and doesn't stumble).

Lee: That didn't even daze him!

Stan: Well maybe its because it only spun at the start sobhe had time to recover!

(Super Bacon gets hit in the head many times and then in the stomach. He reaches Dave without falling over and Dave drags him over. He gets hit in the face and falls over. Dave hold his keg so he doesn't go back down to the bottom).

SB: Thanks Dave!

Dave: No problem Bacon!!

Stan: Nice save from Dave there!

(Super Bacon continues up and reaches his picture. He plops his bacon on the picture).

Stan: 5...4...3...2...1

Lee: They have done it!!!

All of them: Wooooo! 

SB: That was so good!

(They walk over to the stand).

Stan: Well done guys you completed Celebrity Cyclone! 

Lee: You have won.... TOILET PAPER!!

(Camera fades to black).

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