Mini Game - Celebrity Cyclone! (Redo)

Roleplay Roleplay by SUPER BACON
On Tue, Dec12, 2017 11:16am America/Phoenix
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Mini Game - Celebrity Cyclone! (Redo)
(The camera is set in a back garden. It is the back garden of the bacon building. It looks to be set up with a bunch of tarps laid across the floor and up a hill. There is a giant slide at the top).

(Super Bacon walks into the view of the camera).

SB: (on the phone). Yes hand out the letters I need one more person to join Rayne ,Dave and I to do this mini game. Or you can put the posters by the window and point a fan at them and they will fly out the window and they will be handed out straight away. Yes I am a genius. (He puts the phone down).

SB: Oh Hello. Now as you probably heard I'm doing this mini game. Apparently it will help with my fitness according to some people. I'm doing it because it looks so fun! I just got one of my workers to hand out some posters! The winner will be decided in a dayposter once everyone has had a chance to put their names, age and address. It can be any age from 10 to 45. As I don't won't the elderly or younger ones to get hurt. I'm not saying that you will but there might be a chance. Now winners will be decided at random. Put your name forward using the number on the poster please do sign up we need a group of 4, but we only have 3. 

(He stands at the beggining).

SB: Let me tell you how this works. Firstly you all stand on this spinny thing and when our officials blow their blow horn thing the first person gets off and grabs 4 foam bacons and has to run up to the first bacon picture on the tarps. Easy... NOT! Its not that easy while you try and get up water will be be squirted out of hoses at full pelt and giant gymnastic balls will be lobbed at your face by other people and they try and knock you all the way back down! When the first person gets to their bacon picture with all four foam bacons the second player will go and get 3 from them and take it to their bacon picture and so on and so forth! What's the time?... (He checks his wristwatch). 6:45! I need to go and get dinner!

(He walks over to the door leading into the Bacon Building. The door is an automatic slide door).

SB: This may take a while!

(He walks over to the elevator and clicks the up button. Immediately, the door swings open).

SB: Oh that was quick! Let's go to my personal room, just below my office.

(He steps inside and clicks the BR button which stands for Bacon's Room. The doors shut and the elevator starts going up. 1 minute goes by. The doors ding open and Super Bacon walks out and goes to a cupboard and grabs a bag of McDonald's he puts it into the oven).

SB: Ooh I'm having fries and a bacon burger its gonna be so nice!

(The microwave dings and SB grabs it out and begins to eat)

SB: Oooh that's so good!!

(He finishes it in 5 minutes).

SB: Ooh I'm full! Let's go and watch some TV!

(He walks over to a sofa and switches in the TV. He watches 2 hours of TV. He then plays fortnite on his Ps4).

SB: Oh its 10 o'clock! Better get some rest!

(SB trundles off to his bed and falls asleep).

(Cameras fade to black)

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