Month In Review: February

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On Thu, Feb22, 2018 11:34am America/Phoenix
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Month In Review: February
Good Morning...well it is morning where i am at lol

So touch on the things i have updated recently or spoken on via discord:

1. Rankings

Rankings is updated monthly and should reflect more in line with the gradebook i have based on the effort given in the fed. Shifting or placing yourself on the rankings requires you to be active each week til the end of every PPV arc. Any questions about your placement will be answered when i am able.

2. Schedule

If you have noticed on the schedule itself and from what i spoke of a few weeks ago. We're taking a two month hiatus starting in May, potentially right after the Armada PPV. Everyone is going to take a step back breathe in some fresh air (relatively speaking for some living in the cities), and rethink and look over your characters you handle and how you want to improve or greatly change on them. As i said before, the first show back for WWX WILL BE A PPV! ALL CHAMPIONSHIPS WILL BE DEFENDED regardless if everyone who is champion has returned or not. Depending on the number of people returning or joining at the time of PPV, i will add more matches to the card to potentially reflect a super card.

3. Feuds/Bookings

This is for those active in WWX now and after the break a guideline/foundation for the feuds i am aiming to book for the next PPV. Depending on the effort put into is how long that feud stays in play. Some feuds that slated for the ppv are "open". By that i mean, the narrative you guys create through your roleplays and strategies you send in for the matches, can change who is involved in that storyline and the final match at the PPV. If it is a championship feud, I.E. The World Championship, you may be denied an active part to play in that feud and more of a supportive role in that feud. The lower championships( I.E. North American, Television, Tag, Conquest, European) are the ones that can always change based on your efforts. I am open to the ideas you folks give to make the shows and the feuds better. Consistency is all i ask in return. For those who are active and need to see it, get on Discord as i will have the link pinned there.

4. Contracts/Profiles

Make sure you are updating these as you go to better reflect your character on the shows. If you are leaving, it is advisable to cancel the contract so i do not book you. 

5. New Arrivals

As always, send an email to as to who is your character and what if any questions you might have regarding our fed. I will answer them as quickly as possible.




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