Monthly Review: January

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On Sun, Feb04, 2018 5:46pm America/Phoenix
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Monthly Review: January
Sup gang, 

As of this last week, we will not be merging with S.W.A.T, but hopefully someday we can work together on something. Their idea is an excellent idea, but it needs alot of people for it. 

Wrapping up the month of January and into Febuary, like to say its high time for the PPV...and its a big card...nine matches. This will be the first time in a while that it's gotten that big. In the future, the cards will reflect smaller cards to focus on the belts...rotate them accordingly. 

New guys appearing on the site, reach me at if you have questions or ask around with the roster. More importantly, be sure you're on our Discord Server to ensure you know what's going on when it happens on the spot.

May will be our "break" month for this year. As in, everyone is taking a month to recharge from WWX, the fed will be on hiatus for that time period, as I will be moving and getting resettled in a new state, new lodgings, new job, the works. This also means i will have a new schedule updated for the fed once everything is in order. First show back will be a PPV, which means fresh oppurtunities for those looking to be crowned champions and get better rankings for second half of this year.

Things to take into account from here on after Aftershock:

1. Character Alignment: I know of the nine possible alignments of DnD...but with the system precoded into this fed that is provided by Josh and Josh...pick an alignment that MATCHES your actions. WWE is not your crutch for how alignments work, there is other companies to find reference from and more importantly its rather conflicting problem for a matchwriter reviewing your strats, when they don't match your promos. Try to lean a bit closer to the alignment that fits.

2. Realistic Weight Classes: Those who fight others who weigh heavier or lighter than them by more than fifty pounds...will see a match reflected in that manner. You will see it come into place once again with Hex Girl v. Bob Mellon at Aftershock. I shouldn't have to type it, but it greatly contributes to your success in your strategies.

3. Strategies: Some are beginning to use it, others don't. Those that don't, have only themselves to blame if your opponent does. It also factors you for championship matches, contendership matches. You decide ultimately how the match can be written outside of what i write the match to start and finish.

4. Superstar Bios: Thanks to those who updated their bios...the rest of yall need to follow suit. Its one thing to hide entire sections because of potential strats against you, but you hinder my job of writing how your character plays, especially when you don't send me strats.

I will also be looking into matchwriters in the near future. Hit me up on Discord if you're interested.



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