More Conquests On The Horizon

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Thu, Aug24, 2017 9:56pm America/Phoenix
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More Conquests On The Horizon
The scene begins inside of the Fury arena in San Diego, California. The camera pans in closer toward the stands on the right side of the ring, where Rex McAllister, who in his full ring attire sans his black customized vest, stands. His vest has been replaced by a black WWX Rex merchandise t-shirt. Rex is standing up at the moment, taking in his surroundings, as he has his arms crossed hugging his chest. Rex Continues to look around in the empty as he begins to speak.

Rex McAllister: I'm a self-professed conqueror, you know? I've never ever looked at a single obstacle, and said I couldn't conquer it. There has never been something that seemed too insurmountable or impossible to accomplish, especially in this business.

Rex takes a step to his left with his arms still crossed. Rex starts slowly walking toward the steps area, still looking out at the open empty arena.

Rex McAllister: I'm under the firm belief that we as human beings in general are only truly limited by what we allow ourselves to be limited by; our minds. That's just not the case here, and it doesn't even matter whether you were to ask me in the beginning moments of my career just in this company alone, or now. The answer would remain unchanged. I'm the master of my own reality, and a conqueror of all the false idols that have come and gone from this place. There are no such odds, chastisement, exile, doubt, fear, or ANY mental disenchantment that is capable of preventing my forward progress in this company.

Rex chuckles lightly to himself, almost amused at the utter truth behind his own words.

Rex McAllister: Do I guarantee more than a few things along the way? Yeah, and you know what? They usually more often than not come to be. I tackle the weaknesses of each of my adversaries that I happen to step into the ring with, and I do it with an immeasurable amount of mental intellect that suffocates their emotional states, forcing them to uncharacteristically become unraveled trying to match up all pieces to solve the puzzle that is The Rex Master. All of this before we ever even step between those ropes. 

A hint of a smile can be detected as Rex stares directly toward the camera. Rex continues downward on the steps to next deck of seats, and stops.

Rex McAllister: More often than not, the sun sets on my opponents before that bell even rings. Some foolishly declare victory prematurely, just as the Blade Club did before the Lipton-McAllister tandem destroyed them within the confines of the Hell in A Cell structure. However, the point is...the point of me saying any of this is that when a conqueror, or in the case of myself and Tommy Lipton, conquerors. When we speak, it's like gospel around here, and when we're done, at the end of the day our opponents rue the day they ever set foot in the ring and challenged us at our steads.

Rex McAllister: However, unfortunately it's battles like these, the ones we can easily decipher, that we know like the back of our hands that hardly brings about the type of motivation to prove ourselves as conquerors of these lands. 

Rex pauses a moment, stares hard into the camera, exuding confidence.

Rex McAllister: You see, the last time THESE JUGGERNAUTS, we waited for you to stumble and make the mistakes that we predicted that you would make without giving it second thoughts. You underestimated our desire, drive, and the purpose for why we chose to hold these tag team championships in the first place. No matter how prepared you believed you would be when the time came to step past that threshold that was protecting you and straight into our reality where we conquer, you knew deep down at that point that you were no longer in control of your own fate, and that your time with these titles were about up.

Rex McAllister: Now? Well, now you may or may not be looking for the same exact opportunity to present itself before we are to clash once more in the ring with a small inkling of hope that that you will catch us off guard, but see the difference is, you both still have plenty to prove in your STILL insignificant careers by a long shot! We could afford to wait, because we have proven why, time and again that we are undeniably winners in our field of choice. We both came into this place, began our careers with a winning mindset that almost immediately removed the underdog tag from our respective statuses and became achievers, champions...conquerors. We have been knocked down plenty, but we were always a mindset away from winning all of our battles, and that's why we were able to take back what we should have never lost in the first place.

After a brief pause, Rex Continues.

Rex McAllister: You have been knocked down, and it hurt you physically, and as your uncharacteristic silence would suggest, mentally as well. What I will tell you two with one hundred percent confidence is that despite the experience advantage that we hold over most, accumulated from the extent of the time we've spent traveling these terrains. It's not just that, it's all the battles we've been in, and the degree we went just to reach the height of our greatest ambitions that lead us to each new conquest in our careers. It's those battles in which we conquered that will inevitably lead us to the results we seek this week, and going forward. The Blade Club, you guys had your shot, but you quite obviously aren't what the WWX needs. You were simply false idols posing as conquerors, but ultimately turned out to be nothing but slaves to your own desires and passions, the same ones that brought you down. What this place needs are true conquerors that can lead this place into the future, and that's what the Lipton-McAllister tandem can give it. That's a promise. Now that was...rexcellent.

Rex stands in the same deck at the stairwell, with a stoic expression on his face. The camera pans in closer until it's justa mere few feet from him. Rex then grins, and raises a single eyebrow up as he cocks his head to the side for a brief second. Rex raises his head back up, and takes his leave past the stairs section heading toward the halls as the scene fades.


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