Most Pathetic Rookie Of Them All.

Roleplay Roleplay by LUANDRE XAVIER
On Tue, May09, 2017 4:27pm America/Phoenix
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Most Pathetic Rookie Of Them All.
[The scene opens to reveal Lu'Andre Xavier punching a red punching bag with Cameron Westport's face on it. He continues to punch the back repeatedly, each time his fist travels a little bit faster.Left, right, left, right, left, right, until finally the alarm on his phone goes off. Xavier continues punch, but this time instead of speeding up he slows down until he comes to a complete stop.He turns and faces the camera.]

Xavier:In just a few days I will step in the ring with the most pampered, privileged, and pitiful, superstar to ever step into a WWX Ring. That's right I am talking of course about the "Shamen of Selling Out", CAMERROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESTPOOOOOORT!

[Xavier chuckles and shakes his head.]

Xavier: You see Cameron, while your off making brand deals and taking selfies, I'm in the gym conditioning my body to perfection for this belt. I don't need to rely on a big sport company to help me prepare. Everything I have and everything I am is made possible through my own hard work and determination. Not from me kissing the ass of some corporate dirt bag.

[Xavier pauses for a second and looks off to the side, then back to the camera.]

Xavier: It's funny, because out of all the rookies I've been forced to face these past few weeks, your probably the most pathetic of them all. They spent night and day working their asses off to get to the WWX, while you made it here off a hand shake between two money hungry business tycoons.

[Xavier smiles.]

Xavier: Face it Cameron, your success in the WWX has less to do with your talent and all to do with your connections, but on this Mayhem that won't make a difference. The only connection that will matter is when the heel of my boot connects with your chin, and the referee drops to the ground and counts one...two...three...until then.

[Xavier walks back to the back and starts to punch it, but he stops himself. He looks back at the camera.]

Xavier: Oh and apparently you didn't bother listening to me last time. I'm MAYHEM EXCLUSIVE. Which means that Saturday you'll have my UNDIVIDED attention. See ya soon Cameron.

[Xavier turns back to the punching back and begins punching it once again. His punches begin to pick up speed as the scene fades to the WWX logo, then to black.]

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