Murphy's Law

Roleplay Roleplay by BLAYDE ARCHER
On Sat, Jul22, 2017 5:10pm America/Phoenix
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Murphy's Law

[The shot opens on the TD Garden in Boston Massachusetts, the very same arena that sold out in a record seven minutes after the Blade Club were advertised to main event the show with not just one, but TWO titles on the line. The crowd were buzzing with excitment. The intensity, the passion, the anticipation was palpable. The streets of Boston were lined with WWX and Blade Club flags, streets vendors spread across the walkways selling ‘official’ WWX and Blade Club tee shirts. 

In a haze of adrenaline sat the WWX fan zone, the heartbeat of the WWX flocked to see their favourite stars sign autographs, pose for pictures and meet with their heroes. Men, women and children of all ages were having the times of their lives until the ring that had been set up outside the arena lights up with the PA system blaring out the familiar music of Blayde Archer.] 

The WWX Undisputed International Champion headed in to the ring with war paint intact, sliding under the bottom rope he wore a black leather vest, blue denims and a pair of aviator shades that protected him from the Summer sun in Boston. The crowd immediately jeered loudly with a few cheers from the faithful fans of the Blade Club as security rushed around the ring to create a barrier.

[Archer stood with pride in the middle of the ring without a care for their reaction, the WWX International Championship hung over his shoulder. The swagger was evident, the confidence exuded from his every pore. Archer looked around and saw that his arrival grabbed quite the reaction, camera crews from local television who had already been covering the fan zone were pointed his way, sports writers were hanging on ready for his every word, the ‘legends’ autograph table nearby no longer had its queue… Blayde Archer was the focal point, the champion held centre stage and everyone in Boston had no choice to wait with baited breath, soon to be hanging on his every word..]

It seems that nowadays, just about everyone draws strength from their learning experiences in life. (a smirk) Well throughout my personal journey on this earth, there is one thing that I can tell everyone listening which is absolute fact and that is this.. Nobody is owed or entitled to success. Success cannot be given, it has to be both taken and earned at the same time.. much like respect.

"You have to look deeper, way below the anger, the hurt, the hate, the jealousy, the self-pity, way down deeper where the dreams lie, son. Find your dream. It's the pursuit of the dream that heals you."

Oglala Lakota once spoke this truth and its message resonates with many who have heard it. The pursuit of the dream is a natural cure but to obtain and accomplish that dream? it is intoxicating.

Winners win and Losers lose. That is just a simple fact of life. People like me? We thrive under pressure. While people like Fill? They crack under the overwhelming stress of it all. That is what separates the good from the greats. The ability to take a challenge head on and perform under pressure with that killer instinct required to be a REAL Champion. Not a paper one like some who have tainted the prestige of this once great Title being made great again. There was a time not that long ago where part time over rated “legends” like Krimson Blaze were turning their nose up at even being placed in the International Division. A man whose only real claim to fame was riding the coat tails of veterans who were far better and more deserving of the “legend” status he boasts so proudly over. Something that has become laughable here in WWX. Nothing more than a d!ck measuring and popularity contest. Our Legacy? Goes far beyond the “legend” label because the Blade Club are something better.. we are top talent. We are the top guy and most important of all? 

We will be YOUR Champions for years to come..

[Boo's rain down from the increasingly hostile fans in the crowd that draws a smile from Archer.]

We all have our own motivations for why we are here and how we do things.. Some are just passing the time, others latch on to their spot with a death grip in hopes of being remembered as a good hand. While a select few leave a lasting legacy of accomplishments and accolades that can be reflected back on with pride and respect from our peers, regardless of the means to achieve that success.


[Blayde Archer lifts the International Championship Title proudly as a plethora of flashes from cameras in the crowd give off a strobe light effect.] 


This is not an attendance or participation award and the International Championship will no longer be rewarded to politically correct ass kisser corporate puppets that have held this before as many times as you can count on one hand; who never did anything of quality and never have had enough real skill  to be mentioned in the same breath as a true, legit Champion of my caliber.  I could work circles around those no talent scrubs. Who can’t touch me in that ring. On this microphone or in any environment. That is what makes someone like me so dangerous. I am a five point player. Some prefer to be “specialists” in one area while I specialize in what matters most, winning.  That’s the name of the game. Two battle tested warriors will step out onto the war field known as Mayhem and the better man will win. I say that man will be me.. It is up to you as challenger to prove me wrong because by holding this Championship? I have already proven myself to be the better man before and on Mayhem.. I plan on proving it again.

[Archer shook his head, a look of distaste came across the champions face, he circled the inside of his mouth with his tongue and as if he had tasted something bitter he spat out his sour tirade.]

I know the game and how to play it. More importantly we, The Blade Club, know how to beat the game. That is how Blayde Archer became YOUR International Champion and that will also by why I will go down in the record books as the BEST International champion OF ALL TIME!! When it’s all said and done, after the proverbial smoke settles and the dust clears from our warpath to the top of the WWX mountain? The history books will read MY truth because as you know Fill, history is written by the winners. Not losers like you and especially none of the past paper champions who were not worth their weight in gold. 

You though, Fill. You’re different than the undeserving Champions of the past.. There is something changing in you and we have all seen it happening. You have grown as a talent and become better as a fierce competitor inside the ring and more importantly, outside of it. Admit it Fill. You were a push over before we started up this heated rivalry that has captivated the WWX crowds everywhere we have gone with this. You were once just some happy go lucky kid who was content just to have a spot on the roster and a paycheck that shows you are part of this sport known as professional Wrestling. 

Now? You are finally waking up to reality.. There are no guarantees in life and History is full of several broken promises so In order to get what you want in this world? You have to be willing to reach for that brass ring and TAKE IT! That is what the Blade Club is all about, that is what we personify because we TAKE what we DESERVE and we do it without fear of consequence..

People like yourself have made bold false claims before. That I couldn’t win without the Blade Club so early on in my career, just to prove doubters like you wrong, I did just that. I won all on my own, by myself, without help from any of my brothers from the Club and if you don’t believe me go back and watch the footage again. Watch how I outlasted you, someone who said I would be the first to go, outlasted the Great Khoklov and took Rayne to his absolute limits on more than one occasion just to show everyone who overlooked me, to remind everyone that underestimated me of just how BIG of a mistake that is to make against someone like me who WILL make you pay for that type of ignorant arrogance. The truth cannot be denied.. Say what you will about the guerrilla warfare tactics we engage in but who was the one who needed help in our first blood match last week that earned you this rematch? That’s right Fill, that would be you, the kettle, calling the pot, black.  

[Blayde Archer stares into the camera with a twinkle of danger in his eye as he took in a deep breathe and released an agitated sigh.]

Now here we are, once again… bringing this blood feud and the coveted International Title, something we both have defended proudly, to soaring new heights and giving it the recognition it justly deserves. This time, it will be no disqualification and you know what that means Fill.. it means you are playing by MY rules now! To be honest, you should be thankful for that because there is no champions advantage in this.. the International Championship cannot be retained on a count out or through interference so I won’t be able to beat you down and toss you out of the ring like a sack of worthless trash until you can’t answer the ten count. I cant just blast you in the back of the head with forty pounds of gold to get an easy DQ to retain the Championship. There will be no run-ins that immediately call off the match. Anything that can happen and probably will. It’s just a matter of which one of us is best prepared for it and who will be ready and more importantly willing, to do what needs to be done when it does.

[Blayde Archer spins and faces the camera, he smirks and cocks an eyebrow.]

The irony here is that you think, feel and believe that I am the one who is underestimating you when it has been the other way around since my arrival. Everyone wants an excuse to have so they can attempt to justify others success o their own failures that but no matter how you slice the truth up into little pieces, you cannot argue with results and what the Blade Club has done here? The carnage and chaos we have created, the bloodshed and impact we have made on this company, on this business? It speaks for itself and in volumes. 

[The International Champion nods his head and brings the mic to his lips. The look of realisation sets in to his face and Archer forces a smile.]

I joined this company as a no name rookie with a dream to be the best… I know everything there is to know about the history of this company. Night after night after night I have gone to the WWX ring and did what I do better than anyone else, I have beaten everyone put in front of me, I have beaten Icons Fill... I have put champions on the injured list and ended careers. See, unlike you.. I don’t stand out here to be liked… I couldn’t care if these people love me or hate me but the one thing I will not do is short change anyone… I’ll be at my best… I’ll be better than I have ever been before… I’ll be more ruthless than you have ever seen and with the weapons around the ring used as fair game? I’ll be more dangerous then ever before… I am not talking trash when I say… this will be a bloodbath, Fill will be given a one way ticket to hell and the people… the true wrestling fans, the legends… the old dudes who sit on those tables signing autographs and relive their past… they will be able to breath a sigh of relief because this title, is staying around the waist of the REAL Champ… On Mayhem you are my single focus, my top priority and my only target Fill. The club gave me their word that no outside forces will be a distract or stop me from leaving the TD Garden in Boston Massachusetts the same way I walk in… with Blayde Archer STILL your UNDISPUTED International Champion of the wrestling world… has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

[Blayde Archer tosses a mic to the announcer who fumbles it as he leaves the ring, archer smirks and goes to slap hands with a fan before pulling back with the classic sike out while wearing a casual smirk. He adjusts the International Championship Title and gives a defiant double bird salute to the Boston wrestling fanatics on hand as the camera cuts off suddenly and abruptly.]

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