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On Fri, Dec22, 2017 2:17pm America/Phoenix
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(A camera comes to life, showing a rather cluttered garage. There are tools scattered around and a lime green 1965 Plymouth Barracuda parked near a work bench. The hood is closed, but there is a cloth laid over the fender to suggest there's been someone working on it. A faucet can be heard running offscreen and, after a brief slosh of water, Kurtis Ray emerges, dressed in a stained whote t-shirt and ripped jeans. He glances over at the camera and flashes a grin.)

KURTIS: What's up, universe?

(Kurtis goes over to the door of the car, reaching in through the window and, with a 'pop' releasing the hood of the car.)

KURTIS: I hear that we've heard from all three involved parties other than myself about the tag team match on Ravage. Fozzy's mad that I think I understand him. Willie Steen is mad that I think he's a writeoff. Krimzon Blaze is making mouth noises and chewing and making even less sense than he usually does. Seems I got everyone riled up when I lipped off at old Fozzy.

(Kurtis shrugs, moving to open the hood of the car.)

KURTIS: My opinion hasn't changed. Honestly, much as old Fozz wants to try and call me out as someone he knows nothing about other than the fact that I was world champion. And lemme tell ya pal; I could really care less if you know who I am. You think my attitude defines second place? Did you even listen to what I said, man? I am not a man who makes a habit of losing, like I said before. I'm not going to sit here and brag about my achievements, but I am going to warn you of a couple of things. There is a reason I'm in the world title hunt. There is a reason that I'm in this finals match for the tag team championships. You might not get it now, but you'll understand when I put you in the mat.

(Kurtis opens the hood of the car, turning to busy himself with tools.)

KURTIS: Willie. Willie, Willie, Willie. You and I just can;t get along, can we? I know I was the one to start this whole thing between us. Could we bury the hatchet? Frankly I doubt it. You and me have different world views, different attitudes. You mentioned winning the tag team championships to spite me. While I appreciate your motivation, I'm not sure how handing me a championship would resolve anything. The fact remains that, we are an unlikely duo. Past experience has proved we're incompatible. Maybe we can move part that past, maybe not. But I will guarantee you one thing. I'll be there on Ravage. I'll be in that ring, and I will walk away as the unquestionable victor. You want to get in my way, I'll wreck you just like the other two.

(Kurtis fixes a socket onto a wrench, bending over the engine of the car and sliding the socket over something, cranking gently.)

KURTIS: Finally there's Krimzon Blaze. I respect the fact you're trying to make it work with Fozzy. But writing me and Steen off as 'barely a challenge' since we're not thick as thieves is a mistake. Me and Steen may not be on the same page, but that doesn't mean the two of us aren't a force to be reckoned with. I've been in the ring with you, Blaze. I've seen what you have to offer, and I haven't been overly impressed. I may not like Willie Steen, but he's managed to impress me once or twice. And lets not mince words, I got a hell of a lot of momentum coming into this match. You might be a halfway decent performer, but you're not ready for the Hype Train.

(Kuurtis puts aside a sparkplug, moving to start cranking out another one.)

KURTIS: I have a lot in common with this old Barracuda. Maybe I'm held together with duct tape and bondo. Maybe I have a couple of oil leaks and my brakes aren't quite what they used to be. But I have an engine in me that won't stop no matter what you do to it, just like this old Chevy Slant-6. Parts may break, but no matter what it seems like you can always get it going again with enough time and stubbornness. You might not like it. You might not get it. But when Ravage is in the books and me and Willie walk out with tag team gold, you will respect the Hype Train. All aboard.

(Kurtis continues to work on the engine for a moment. He pulls out a third sparkplug and looks satisfied, pocketing it. He reaches over to turn off the camera.)

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