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On Tue, Aug07, 2018 7:21pm America/Phoenix
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A modest but handsome home in the foothills above Gower.


[A young boy, who answered to “Little Mikey” Jones, rushes out -- excited but pouty and a little peeved. He glowers at a 1981 Mercury, parked at the curb -- then turns back toward the house.]

Little Mikey (calling back to house) “Daddy! I don't want you to go!”

Gimmick Jones emerges from the house -- wearing a dark Gianni Versace sport coat with a black vest underneath, carrying some kind of case in his hand. He looks great -- a man of action, not dandified at all by the snappy attire. He squints down toward little Mikey, proudly -- very much the family man.]

[Gimmick Jones pretty wife, Michelle, appears in the doorway looking rather homely in a tight pair of Levi brand, acid washed blue jeans and a UCLA college sweater.]

Michelle (calling to little Mikey)
“Your father has work to do, Son ... but he'll be home soon. And we'll all watch it together.”

Little Mikey
“You promise, Dad?”

Gimmick Jones
“I promise.”

[Gimmick Jones and Michelle come down to car, his arm playfully hugging around her neck as little Mikey grabs his father's shirtsleeve and gives it a tug.]

little Mikey
“Daddy …”

(very serious)
“Daddy, is Trump gonna win?”

Gimmick Jones
“He's got my vote. Who else will make America Great again? Hillary?”

(Jones laughs and ruffles his son's hair before placing a red and white lettered “M.A.G.A.” baseball cap over his head then kisses his wife Michelle goodbye before climbing into his rust bucket of a car and driving away with a loud BANG accompanied by a thick cloud of black smoke shooting out of the busted tail pipe as we fade out..)

(2 B Continued..)

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