My Best Challenge

Roleplay Roleplay by BEATRICE PENDRAGON
On Wed, Jul26, 2017 2:06pm America/Phoenix
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My Best Challenge
???: Madison Square Garden. What a fitting place for the women in the WWX to take center stage. Me personally, I think the fans are going to enjoy the TV title match because for the first time in WWX history, two women are vying for the TV Title...and I know my opponent all too well.

The camera pans out to see Beatrice on a boat, closing in on the Statue of Liberty.

BEATRICE: Hex Girl, we both got what we wanted initially. I wanted a match against you and you accepted and then uped the ante by suggesting we make it a no-holds barred falls count anywhere to really get the crowd going. You also suggested that should I beat you, I would then get a shot at the championship belt you currently have in your possession, the WWX Television Championship. Hex Girl, I know you know how I operate when I'm in the ring, or this week in our case, just about anywhere.

The boat docks at the Liberty island as the crowd gets off. Beatrice stands to the side as passengers continue to disembark.

BEATRICE: Should I be training for our upcoming match? Oh absolutely. But I'm not going to just yet. You wanna know why? Why train for days on end for match where anything and everything is possible and knowing us Hex Girl, we're NOT going to keep the action in the ring.

As he last passenger disembarks, Beatrice follows suit in line. The tour group moves ahead until a little girl recognizes Beatrice and mocks her entrance pose. Though the little girl's parents try to encourage not due to the little girl might provoke Beatrice, Beatrice smiles and reassures the little girl's parents it was okay.

BEATRICE: It's not everyday that people try to imitate you much like this little girl here.

Beatrice then scoops up the little girl and points at the Statue of Liberty. THe little girl giggles with glee as she looks at the statue with Beatrice. Her parents speechless by Beatrice's kind gesture, takes a couple of photos of their daughter spending time with Beatrice. As the tour group reassembles back to the boat that got them there, Beatrice holds the little girls' hand with her parents following behind them. Once back on board, the little girls' parents scoop up their daughter and thank Beatrice for the memories.

BEATRICE: Today was my best moment, because I got to spend it touring some sights I have never been able to see before. I'm pretty ure my husband is hard at work training for his match the way he does but this is not about my husband's training style. This is about MY training style and the way I'm preparing for our match on Fury. You Hex Girl surpassed all of the other competitors and thus earned my respect. I say after our match on Fury, regardless who wins, us girls go out and celebrate ou historic match with a beer or something. Sadly Hex Girl, our match on Fury, which will be my best challenge coming from you...will conclude with my victory. See you soon.

The tour boat sails further away from camera view as the scene fades.

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