My City

Roleplay Roleplay by CAMERON WESTPORT
On Tue, May16, 2017 2:56am America/Phoenix
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My City
[The scene opens showing the Atlanta skyline as the sunsets. The camera slowly zooms in on the glass windows of a skyscraper. From a distance you can see Cam in the window looking at the city, he is dressed in a nice shirt and tie. The camera switches to one inside the window looking at Cam from behind as he admires the city.]

Cam “The story writes itself. Your hero, me is cheated out of his championship. Our villain Lu’Andre Xavier cheats a win away after getting put down for 3 by the Franchise. Then the next week we are scheduled in a match against each other, right in my city Atlanta.”

[Cam paces back and forth in front of the window. He adjusts his tie and turns around to the camera. He moves across the room and takes a seat in a big, leather chair. He crosses his legs and sinks into the chair.]

Cam “In the quickest of fashion, I have mad a meteoric rise in the WWX. My debut match being a #1 contenders match on a PPV that I won. A championship victory, then a quick climb through a tournament and once again finding myself presented with potential championship glory. Then Lu’Andre Xavier played spoiler and was granted a victory by a referee making a BS call!”

[Cam sighs and sits forward resting his forearms on his knees.  He loosens the tie and his cuffs.]

Cam “It was all just a prelude. A prelude to a story that will never be forgotten. The beginning of a storybook career that will end with enshrinement in the hall of fame and the hearts of millions. I’m not getting ahead of myself, I just see the big picture. LX is a hiccup in my ascension and my loss to him at Mayhem was simply a set up. A set up to put me in the ring with the man currently a top the throne.  Syndicate.”

[Cam smiles and looks back at the window. As the fleeting sun bounces it’s last rays off of the glass work of the city, he chuckles. Boasting with pride he practically cackles.]

Cam “In the ring with Syndicate, the World Champion, in my city. I can practically hear the thousands of fans exploding into cheers as I drop The Constant on his head with the W. My city will cheer for me, as they cried for me at Mayhem.”

[Cam sits impatiently, before quickly rising from his chair and approaching the window once again. He is full of energy bouncing on his feet. He looks to the right where his TV Championship is framed on the wall.]

Cam “The Measuring Stick, he calls himself. Maybe that has been true for those to come before me. Like I’ve told you all before though. I am unstoppable, unlimited, and unprecedented. A measuring stick he may be, but unfortunately for him that doesn’t apply to the Camchise. I am beyond measurement... unlimited. He doesn’t know what’s going to hit him. His focus may be on my teammate Kurtis Ray (chuckles) all the use he is.”

[Cam sighs deeply and looks up to the ceiling in disappointment. He clicks his tongue and turns towards the camera with an apathetic expression.]

Cam “Kurtis doesn’t seem to be a fan of me. “A guy with a boner for Nike shoes” and “Chris Northshire” were amongst his bashful tirade. Kurtis you are nothing but a stepping stone for me. Something to be left in the dust of the Franchise as I burst pass you. We come into this match as the contenders for the titles held Syndacite and LX. You across from Syndicate and me from LX, but when we walk out of the building my name will be all over that Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship. After I give the business to both those clowns while you sit on the ring apron, lungs gasping for air thanks to your regrettable smoking habit everyone’s eyes will be open to who between us is World champion caliber. So just try to keep up with my Hype Train.”

[Cam paces away from the window and up close to the camera where he gazes into the camera. Calmly but intensely he takes a deep breath.]

Cam “I’m done being a rookie. I’m a giant slayer. I’m a champion. I’m a staple of the main event. I’m the Franchise and I have arrived.”

[He calmly walks off camera, leaving just the overview of Atlanta which has now turned dark as the sun has passed the horizon. The camera fades to black.]

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