My Day with Sarah

Roleplay Roleplay by TERRY JACKSON
On Tue, Feb16, 2016 5:31pm America/Phoenix
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My Day with Sarah
The scene opens up at a local golf course in Tampa. WWX Broadcasters Terry "TJ" Jackson and Sarah Summers are seen getting into a golf cart.

TJ: Wait. Did we pay for just 9 or all 18?

SUMMERS: Just the back 9.

TJ: I'm not really good at golf hun. You're gonna have to show me.

SUMMERS: That's okay babe. I can teach you.

The couple cruise over to the 10th hole. Sarah's the first to step out of the golf cart. She lines up her shot and with one swing, knocks it over a pond, landing 30 feet away from the pond.

TJ: Good shot.

SUMMERS: Your turn.

Terry walks up to line up his shot. The moment Terry sits his golf ball in place, a gust of wind blows it off. Terry shakes his head in disgust as Sarah lets out a small giggle. Terry takes a swing but misses.

SUMMERS: Try not to concentrate so hard baby.

Terry then closes his eyes. He then opens them and takes his swing, this time hitting his mark. His golf ball barely makes it over the pond, landing about 10 feet behind Sarah's golf ball

SUMMERS: Good job baby.


Terry and Sarah head back to the clubhouse, laughing and giggling.

SUMMERS: Not bad for your first time golfing baby.

TJ: Thanks hun. I should do this more often during my downtime.

SUMMERS: You hungry?

TJ: A little bit. You wanna grab something to eat before I go to work?

SUMMERS: Okay hun. Chinese sound okay?

TJ: Works for me.

Terry and Sarah hold hands as they walk towards the exit.

scene fades

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