My Finest Hour (Race for the Case)

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Sun, Oct29, 2017 6:11am America/Phoenix
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My Finest Hour (Race for the Case)
???: The race for the case. A ladder match where the winner of said match gets a contract to cash in on a championship match anytime, anywhere. This year's participants: Kurits Ray, Super Bacon, Krimzon Blaze, Rayne, Jake Divine and myself. There's not another competitor in this match more hungry for that case than me.

As the camera pans out, we see Xavier walking through the MARTA station in Atlanta. Xavier continues to his thoughts to himself as he boards another train.

XAVIER (to himself): Kurtis Ray, my old tag team partner decides to just return out of the blue after losing the World Championship thinking that he's got a fair shot at winning this match. While his skills in the ring are something to be desired, that doesn't excuse the fact that it's not his destiny to win the match. Sure, he and I had a run as tag champs before that match where he basically turned his back on me but that's okay. Kurtis won't win this match. It's already written. Then there's Super Bacon, a cruiserweight stepping in the ring with several heavyweights including myself. Super Bacon is kinda like a sleeper competitor that I will have to be on the lookout for. I can't entirely say that Super Bacon is gonna downright lose this match, but he's not going to win the match either, simply because it is not his time to win a high caliber match like this.

MARTA Operator: This is Peachtree Center...

As the MARTA Operator continues, Xavier gets off the train and goes up the escalator, backpack in tow.

XAVIER (to himself): Krimzon Blaze. A former World Champion. A man who returned recently thinking he's going straight to the top and run rugshot over the entire roster and reclaim his so-called "spot" at the top of the mountain as World Champion once more. What Blaze doesn't seem to understand is that there's ALWAYS one person who is better than he is and in this match, there IS one that's better than he is. As talented as Blaze is or as he claims to be, this is not his time either. He, like the others will fall by the wayside in this match and there isn't a damn thing he can do about it.

As Xavier exits the MARTA train station, he comes out close to CVS Pharmacy. He goes inside and buys a few things. As he comes out of CVS, it starts to rain. Xavier takes out his umbrella, putting it over his head.

XAVIER: It's funny that it's raining here right now because that's the next person I was gonna talk about. Rayne, you and I face each other in the tag team match as well. In that match, you have Fill as your partner while I have Damian as my partner. I would say something about that match, but we'll save that for another time. You said that you will be reclaiming your throne as the king. I'm sorry Rayne, but you're no king, nor do I recall you ever being a king. If you are a king you must be the king of delusions and grandeur because there isn't a shred of royalty in you. Oh, I almost forgot. You stated that I should just hang it up and tell my grandkids about the good ol' days. Question. Why should I listen to someone who has left and then decides to come back yers later when they think they still have a shot or they come back trying to steal the spotlight from someone else. Rayne, you are no king and you will not win. You may be a former TV champ, but you won't win this match. It has already been determined. I have already seen your future Rayne. Your future will be you lying on the mat with the rest of them while I climb to the top of the ladder to claim my right place and further cement my legacy.

Xavier passes a street performer. He stops for a moment to hear the performer play. After a few minutes, Xavier drops a few dollar bills in the performer's violin case and moves on.

XAVIER (to himself): Then there's Jake Divine, who's complaining about being left off the World Division rankings or something along that line before Ranger returned, claiming that this would his time to get back into the World title picture. Honestly, Divine was never in th title picture to begin with. He just so happened to be another person in this match who thinks that everyone is beneath him and he's gonna climb the ladder and retrieve the contract for a World Title match which according to him, was his from the beginning. The issue I have with that is since when does he go off calling the shots here? I don't recall him being relatively known in the WWX with the occasional time he spends blowing smoke up his a$$ and thinking he's hot s***. He won't win the match either. I'm willing to bet you by the time the match is over, he's gonna go and try to tell everyone that he got screwed out of something that was rightfully his in the first when reality of the situation is that he never had it in the first place.

Xavier closes his eyes for a few moments before he continues.

XAVIER: Krimzon Blaze, Super Bacon, Jake Divine, Kurtis Ray, Rayne, you 5 are in this match with me. I'm well aware that all of you are going to say that I'm not going to win this match because of my age but gentlemen, age ain't got a damn thing to do with it, but that's what you want me to believe, right? Not happening. So needless to say by the end of the match, the winner of the Race for the Case will be non other than me: "The Machine" Xavier Pendragon.

Xavier walks out of camera view, leaving the camera to ponder Xavier's words.

scene fades

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