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Roleplay Roleplay by SYNDICATE
On Sat, Oct28, 2017 1:54pm America/Phoenix
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My Moment


*Static flashes across the screen before giving way to a shot of the Georgia International Plaza in Atlanta, Georgia.*


*It is midday in Atlanta, site of Hall of Pain 2017.  The camera is pointed at the iconic Flair Olympic Statue, a sculpture of a gymnast commemorating the 1996 Olympic Games.  The plaza as a whole doesn't appear to be crowded, although numerous people can be seen wandering through the park, admiring the plaza as a sort of calm amidst the large metropolis surrounding them.  As the camera pans down from the sculpture, a man with blonde hair can be seen looking up at it.  This is quickly revealed to be Syndicate once his chiseled face and toned body come into full view.  The former World Champion is wearing a black zip-up sweatshirt with a white t-shirt underneath as well as blue jeans and black Nike sneakers.  His hands rest in his sweatshirt pockets as he continues to look up at the statue.*

Syndicate:  Do you feel it?  That nervous energy?  That excitement building up?  I sure do.  After all, this is MY city.

*A breeze comes through the plaza, but Syndicate remains stoic.  He subtly nods in the direction of the towering Georgia Dome, which now stands abandoned.

Syndicate: Last year's World Series was held in the Dome.  I promised I would win, and I did -
 pinning Tommy Lipton, of all people.  Funny how that worked out.

*Syndicate then nods towards the Philips Arena, sitting on the other end of the park.*

Syndicate: Two months later, I won the World title there at Final Countdown.

*Syndicate now looks up behind the camera.  The camera pans around to reveal the brand-new Mercedez-Benz Superdome, where Hall of Pain will be held.*

Syndicate: I think it's about time to complete the trifecta.

*He takes a seat at the base of the statue.  With his back leaning against the sculpture and arms folded in his lap, Syndicate now focuses his attention on the camera.*

Syndicate: Korath, you got me.  For a second there, I did actually forget about the rest of your championship reigns.  My mistake.  Apparently, forgot about them too, considering they're not listed on your "Superstar" page.  But let's say that it did, and let's say that you could go around flaunting your Triple A, Television, and International title runs.  I ask you, how will that help you?  All five of us are decorated.  We've all been around for a while.  There is, however, one tiny little discrepancy: Tommy, Rex, Darkness, and I are all former World Champions.  You...are not.  We all know what it takes to be at the top of the WWX - you don't.  If we're going to take the past into account, you are the least experienced of the bunch.  Even if we say, "|BLEEP| the past," you still have the most to prove AND the most to lose in this match.

*He brushes back his hair, which has been dislodged due to the breeze.*

Syndicate: You are right about one thing, though: I've never beaten you.  That much is true.  But the best part about this whole "House of Horrors" thing, Korath, is that I don't have to beat you.  I can go and pin Tommy, Rex, or Darkness, three men whom I have defeated on multiple occasions before.  But, knowing you, you'll get your rotten little head involved JUST to piss me off, just like you've done in years past.  And when you do, when you decide to break up my pin or try to take me out, you'll realize that the Syndicate of old is long, long gone.  I ain't no pup.  I'm not even a wolf.  I'm your DESTROYER, Korath.  I have surpassed you in EVERY aspect since we first faced off four years ago, and I will surpass you AGAIN next Sunday inside the demonic House of Horrors.

*He chuckles, thinking of something, as he looks up at the cloudy Atlanta sky above him.*

Syndicate: Speaking of demons, let's talk about one that keeps on coming back to haunt me: Tommy Lipton.  Seriously, man, why are you still here?  Why are you still in my life?  You are nothing but a cash-grab, someone that this company keeps booking because of name recognition.

*Syndicate laughs once more.*

Syndicate: Kidding, of course.  I know what you're capable of, Tommy.  I know your past, I know what you've accomplished.  I just hope you know the same of me, because if you do, you know that I can kick your ass all over Atlanta.

*He pauses, remembering what Tommy said about him in his interview with Chris Sanders.*

Syndicate: "Groomed champion", huh?  That's what I am?  Really, now.  I worked tirelessly and without breaks for four years to get where I am today.  I have been screwed countless times by management.  I have done nothing but piss every single person in the WWX off since day |BLEEP|ing one.  My mouth has dug myself into holes that I couldn't possibly climb out of.  I have persevered through numerous general managers, a multitude of disrespect, and a mountain of overrated shitbags such as yourself.  And yet, I'M a "groomed champion"?  That isn't just wrong, Tommy, that's just a stupid thing to say.  Nothing has EVER been given to me, Tommy; I have earned EVERY opportunity, including the one I have at Hall of Pain.  I have CARRIED this company to the lofty heights that you are now profiting off of like a |BLEEP|ing vulture.  So you can take this "groomed champion" bullshit and go the |BLEEP| home.

Syndicate: Do you still think I'm out to prove something to you, Tommy?  Do you really have to still call me a "kid", after all we've been through and after all the times I've embarrassed your ass in that ring?  Do you realy think that you're still better than me?  News flash, Tommy: NO ONE is better than the Los Angeles Outlaw.  NO ONE.  After Hall of Pain, once I've taken back MY World Championship and left you and the rest of my "opponents" in a heap, you'll finally understand that.  I am the FACE of the WWX, and I'll be damned if I let some no-good, spotlight-seeking |BLEEP|er like you say otherwise.

*He smirks into the camera as he makes his way back to his feet, the gymnast still behind him.*

Syndicate: Got a quick story for ya.  I was sitting in my hotel room, getting ready to come out here and say a few words, when I got a notification saying good ol' Rex McAllister just uploaded a video to  So I sat there on my bed, watching his thing, and I noticed he said something about people "not giving a shit" while I was on top over the past year.  Hmm.  Is that it, Rex?  Is that what happened?  Is that why you and Tommy sat in the Tag Team Division instead of challenging for my championship, because you didn't "care" enough?  You didn't "care" to exercise your rematch clause after last year's Hall of Pain?  That isn't being lazy, Rex - that's being stupid, something that you're obviously accustomed to being.

Syndicate: You wanna talk about "hat tricks", Rex?  Fine.  Let's talk about "hat tricks".  Last year, when I beat David Gideon Smith to win the World Championship, that wasn't some fluke.  That was a result of hard work and, more importantly, persistence.  I don't run and hide when something doesn't go my way, Rex.  That's not my style.  I stay motivated, I stay in peak physical form, and I go out there and WIN.  THAT'S WHAT I DO, Rex.  I win big matches, I prove the doubters wrong, and I win championships.  If you didn't like my reign as World Champion earlier this year, Rex, then why didn't you come over and do something about it?  With the exception of the triple-threat match against you and Tommy - which I WON, mind you - why didn't you step up to face me and ruin my day?  Why didn't ANYONE do that for six months straight?  Was it really because you "didn't give a shit", Rex?  Or did you finally realize that it was MY TIME to shine?  To be perfectly honest, I don't care what you or anyone else thought about my reign, because at the end of the day, it was ME walking home with the gold each and every night.  At Hall of Pain, I'm going to start doing that same thing once again.

*Syndicate flips the hood up and begins walking away from the Olympic Statue.  He passes over a small bridge as he makes his way towards the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.*

Syndicate: What all of you fail to realize - I'm putting Darkness in here too, even though our "champion" has failed to say anything relating to Hall of Pain like a |BLEEP|ing coward - is that this is not your match to win.  The tale of Syndicate is not yet finished.  I have worked NON-STOP for YEARS to get where I am, and yet, my Hall of Pain moment has eluded me.  No longer.  Hall of Pain is MY NIGHT, the World title is MY CHAMPIONSHIP, Atlanta is MY CITY, and this is MY MOMENT.  You can ridicule me, you can say I'm boring or I've been at the top for too long, I don't give a shit.  This is MY MOMENT, boys...time for you to step aside.  Welcome to the Syndicate.

*Syndicate flashes a smile at the camera before walking past it, still moving towards the stadium.  The camera refocuses back on the Flair Olympic Statue before being taken over by static.*



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