My Piety Will Show You Hell

Roleplay Roleplay by BISHOP POLARIS
On Mon, Aug07, 2017 3:54pm America/Phoenix
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My Piety Will Show You Hell
[A very scenic, big shot of the rockies is shown. The camera rotating around until landing on Bishop Polaris sitting on a rock. He is looking out at the mountains as the sun sets behind them, making the sky appear orange as the sun bleeds over the horizon of mountains.]

Polaris “There comes a time… sometimes many times in every man and women’s lives, where they must reassess themselves. Their directions and goals. Their relationship with the almighty. Last week I reassessed myself and I was very, very disappointed. I had let myself down, I let him down (pointing to the sky), I even let you down (looking at the camera). So, on Fury I made a necessary change I freed myself from the Hellish weight that once held me down. Tom Black, Dr. Death and Pure Darkness. I once believed that Pure Darkness would be the vehicle by which I would rise to a position to spread my message, but alas it failed me. Through my perseverance and wit we captured the tag team championships… but the mission as a whole was a failure. My dedication to the greater mission of Purity was shrouded by the evil that possess Tom Black. His evil was a weight I could no longer carry, so for the greater of my chronicles I dropped the great, dark weight that held me down.

The Pure Darkness Chapter of my testament is over, Tom Black I hope someday you may find some light. Perhaps down the road I’ll come back around to save you. I don’t have time for the singles match you request, my mission calls for me to move on. I pray you find your light.

As that chapter ends, another opens. It begins with a familiar villain, Blayde Archer. The current International champion. A thorn in the side of purity. Our paths have crossed on many occasions The Blade Club defeated Pure Darkness, Pure Darkness defeated the Blade Club and back and forth. Now it’s just us.  Us and the non stop, ever flowing dozens of goons you surround yourself with. How about you leave behind your countless, rhyme named followers and try me one on one.

Or continue to allow them to distract you. You’re so caught up in your silly karaoke nights, damaging your liver and encountering Rootin Russell Roth or some other alliteration, that you barely managed to utter my name.


The Patron Saint of Purification is not one to be taken lightly, and nobody needs to have the impurities slapped out of them more than a low life like you. Through my piety I will show you hell!

[Calming himself down, Polaris stops and takes deep breaths. He looks back out to the mountains as the sun fully disappears. Now entirely peacefully Polaris enjoys the beautiful cascading background.]
Polaris “I hope I help you find your peace.”

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