National Park

Roleplay Roleplay by SUPER BACON
On Thu, Dec28, 2017 3:33am America/Phoenix
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National Park
(The camera is set in the same hotel room as last time, a bed and a TV. SB and Dave are sat on the bed once again and are chattingit looks like its early morning).

SB: But I really want to go!

Dave: We left it too late we have to drive to the location of the next Ravage.

SB: Please can we just go and then leave straight after... I will... Pack up now!

Dave: Oh OK then!!

SB: Yay!!

(SB runs off and climbs underneath the bed and grabs a suitcase. He climbs back out from under the bed and picks up all of the clothes on the floor and picks up his phone. He then stuffs it all in his bag. Dave stands up and packs his bag).

SB: There we are packed can we go now?!

Dave: Of course. But first, we have to check out.


(They walk out of the door and down some red carpeted stairs. The camera then zooms into the front desk with a woman stood their).

Woman at desk: Hello I am Catrina. How can I help you today?

Dave: Please can we check out.

Catrina: Yes sure! What are your names?

Dave: My name is Dave!

SB: My name is Sup- Rob Bacon.

Catrina: Ok would you please sign here please.

(Dave takes out a pen and signs the page. He passes Bacon the pen and he signs it).

Catrina: Thank you. Hope to see you again!

Dave and SB: Thanks!

(They walk out and put their bags into a blue mazda MX5 and they jump in Dave starts to drive off. Dave turns on the satnav and types in 'local national park' the satnav then gets the directions to the park).

Dave: It says we will be there in 30 minutes.

SB: Yes! So what shall we do on the journey?

Dave: Dunno. Umm... lets just get there! 

SB: Ok. Dave... Do you think that I will ever get a championship?

Dave: Of course. You are one of the best in WWX. It just takes time! 

SB: Yeah... Thanks Dave.

(30 minutes go by).

SB: Yay we are here!

(The national park is in front of them. It has magnificent canyons and hills of a dark yellow, orange colour).

Dave: Leta go!!

SB: Woo!  Lets go find some animals! 

(They sprint off and they both have binoculars in their hands. They are now in a cactus infested area with no civilisation near them. You can hear a screech).

SB: Did you hear that?

Dave: Yeah what is it?

SB: I think that was a golden eagle! 

(They put their binoculars to their eyes and they can see a golden eagle perched on a tree).

SB: Woah! A golden eagle!! I cant believe it!

Dave: Woo! Now can we find a mountain lion?

SB: We can try!

(They sprint off and stop near a mountain. They stand there for a while until they see a spec coming out of a little cave. They get their binoculars out and their is a mountain lion there).

Dave: Oh my gosh. I can't believe it!!! Woo!


SB: What was that?

Dave: Dont know but... Lets go! Bye mountain lion!

(They sprint back to their car and take out a rope. They run over to the canyon which has lots of people stokd around it).

Blonde man: Help she just slipped and is hanging on I don't think ahe can hold on for any longer!

SB: Ok everyone stand back!

(He walks over to the front of the canyon and lies on the floor. And can see a lady holding on).

SB: It is all OK I am here dont worry!

Lady: OK! Be quick!

SB: OK what is your name?

Lady: Kelly! Now be quick!

SB: OK... Dave can i have the rope!

(Dave passes the rope to Super Bacon).

SB: Grab hold!

(He lobs the rope down and she grabs on to it. SB starts to pull up).

Kelly: I'm slipping!

SB: Dont worry! 

(He carries on pulling until she is up and on top of the canyon).

Kelly: Oh thank you so much Super Bacon!

SB: My pleasure. Ooh you have a few cuts! 

Kelly: Dont worry I will just go to first aid!

SB: OK! Be sure to cheer me on at my match on Ravage against Tom Black.

Kelly: What? How on TV?

SB: No you can be at ringside with Dave... If you want?

Kelly: Sure I will! Thanks so much!

SB: No problem! See you there!

Kelly: See ya!

(The camera fades to black).

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