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On Mon, Apr16, 2018 8:36am America/Phoenix
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(The scene is set in a room. The room has a fridge and it suddenly opens. The fridge is full of bacon strips they look well cooked. Bacon sprints into the room and grabs a bit of bacon, he scoffes it down. Once he finishes the bacon, SB has a relieved look on his face. Bacon walks off and opens a cupboard he grabs out a heavy looking weight and grabs another that looks about the same size. He begins lifting them up and down repeatedly, one after the other up and down for what seems like eternity. Bacon then puts the weights back and shoves them back in to the cupboard. SB sprints over to the window and jumps out. You see him suddenly drop downwards and you dont hear anything still just the whistling of the wind. Suddenly you hear a thud. The camera moves towards the window and looks downwards Bacon is seen standing in the flying bacon. The camers then drops down into the flying bacon as well. Super Bacon is sat on a bench and Dave is driving the flying bacon. Super Bacon stands up and walks into a high tech corridor. Bacon walks on until he turns and opens a door on the front of the door says 'SB's Room'. In the room there are high tech cupboards filled with jet packs, nunchucks, bacon and things that the modern day dont even know about. He walks over to the cupboard and grabs nunchucks and a piece of bacon. Super Bacon then starts swinging the nunchucjs around and around whilst he is doing this he nibbles on his strip of bacon it is as if the bacon is keeping him from getting tired not even breaking a sweat after 10 minutes of repeated swinging. Super Bacon then realises the camera is looking at him).

SB: Oh sorry I didnt see you there. I'm very busy training for my title match. Well I cant really call it mine as some people decided to join in. But I can say that the Television Championship will be mine after this match. My first EVER championship!! I just have to beat 5 other wrestlers! This match will go down in WWX history! Nobody is gonna stop me, not Steen, not Jarvis no one those men that I just list are the only threats in this match or should I even call them a threat! They might as well hand me the championship NOW! I'm the Elimination Chamber match at Armada I will walk out the TV champion and the longest reigning champion, nobody can take this away from me!

Dave: Bacon we are about to land so strap yourself in!!

SB: Nah. See ya Dave. Ha!

(Super Bacon sprints out of the room, through the corridor and in the main area. The landing zone is close now. Bacon runs out of the Flying Bacon, back flips and lands on his hands and stands up. Bacon then struts towards the door and waits there. Being clever the camera stays in the FB until it lands. When the Flying Bacon lands SB walks over to the FB and just a walks back inside. He picks up a bag that seems to he full but light as a feather. SB walks over to the door again and walks in he then clicks a button, the elevator doors shut and suddenly the camera is in their with SB)

SB: I guess you are wondering whats in this bag arent you? Its full of money. I got this from a robber who was stealing from a bank so I just thought why not keep it? Anyway.... About my opponents. Dragonfly... Ha... Insulting everyone. He calls me a parody of a super hero... I am a super hero! He calls me a slapstic clown....He even says I'm a joke! Ha!.. I will show you a joke. In the elimination chamber when I eliminate you... The referee will send you out of the ring... But You wont be able to you wont be able to stand after this chamber match....  You dont know what you have signed up for.... See ya at Ravage!

(Super Bacon starts to walk around and starts punching and kicking the air in a muay Thai sort of style. Bacon then sits down on a spinny chair, not noticing that it is spinny).

SB: He is the only one who has spoken up so far... The others are probably too afraid of me to talk about the match... Let alone trying t-

(Super Bacon is stopped mid sentence. The chair gas begun to spin around).

SB: Really.... I really.... I... I.. Chose the spinning chair out of all of the normal chairs here

(SB Facepalms)(the chair spins back aroud to face the camera).

SB: There now where was I ... Oh yes... Let alone trying to take that championship away from me! This match at Armada is gonna be fun! DragonFly is saying he is gonna use speed and agility! Ha... I'm the one with agility and speed! You are gonna try and use my own skills and strengths against me! Thats not gonna work I am better than you in every...single.... Way! I'm more experienced I'm quicker I'm more strong I have better skill in the ring and I have the fans on my side. When I win I'm gonna give everyone and I mean everyone a bit of bacon! Everyone in the crowd everyone backstage and all the wrestlers in the WWX whether they like it or not that will be my celebration!! Now I must go save someone from being attacked as there is bound to be someone!

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