Never disappoint

Roleplay Roleplay by RAYNE
On Wed, Nov08, 2017 7:11pm America/Phoenix
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Never disappoint
[The scene opens up showing the Wreckage arena. The fans can be seen in their seats cheering and awaiting the action to start as the lights in the arena kick out. "Aint no Grave" kicks over the pa system as the fans stand up and begin cheering. Rayne steps out onto the stage, a sly smile on his face with his torn off jeans and a tank top as he heads down towards the ring. He slides in and reaches out for a mic as the music slowly dies down. He holds the mic for a moment and then walks over climbing out of the ring. He reaches under the apron and pulls a chair out throwing it in the ring. He sets it up in the middle and sits down at the lights fade in the arena, the single light coming on him].

Rayne: Back to basics eh?

[The fans give mixed reactions as he shifts himself in his seat].

Rayne: Boy, it appears that I seem to be making a lot of friends around here lately. Guys with diseases where they constantly fall over, a guy who talks about his train when its only nothing more than a toy, and then of course my opponent who finally decided to break his streak of not showing up till the last minute, the man you see me facing tonight...Darkness. 

[The fans cheer loudly as he continues speaking].

Rayne: Is this the time for cheesy puns? I mean, here I am sitting in darkness thinking about my opponent. I am so glad the lights are off. I wouldn't know what to do or think about if it wasn't dark in here to prepare for darkness. 

[He sits back and laughs for a minute and then leans forward to continue speaking].

Rayne: In all seriousness, I am proud of him for not disappointing me. He did exactly what I said he was going to do. I mean, I got the cheesy pun, the im better and going to beat you, and even got the REASON why. But, there was something off about that one. Yeah, there sure was. For those of you that were watching and stepped into the light *taps forehead* see what I did there? I couldn't help but notice that ninety percent of his promo was about Syndicate and all his other opponents that buried his as* at Hall of Pain. Never once did I even get more than a mention. Then some random street hooker came up to...hold on a second. 

[Rayne walks over towards the ropes where someone can be seen trying to talk to him].

Rayne: Oh...he knows her...Are you...oh yeah. That was her wasn't it. My bad. Can I continue now...Thank you. 

[Rayne returns to his seat].

Rayne: Back to what I was saying. Some random street hooker followed him down saying something about needing her to help him. Well, I don't really care who he relies on or who he is hoping to help get him through this, the fact of the matter is that its not going to happen. You were right about one thing Darkness in a sort. You "beat" me by letting it "rain" in the arena and taking advantage of me. This time around, that wont be happening. I intend to finish the job that I started and put you down this time. You see, you got your chance to rise to the top and failed. You failed after getting hold of the title and defending it. I don't intend to do that. You are the road to the start of my killer of former champions. I have big plans ahead and you aren't going to derail them. When this is said and done, you will join the masses that I have left in my wake on the road to the championship. I have sat back dormant for long enough and now is MY time! Consider this your wake up call. Bring your puns, cheap hookers, cheating tactics, all you want to bring, and I will defeat them this time. Darkness, this time around I put you where you belong. Back to the back of the line where you should have been to begin with. Its the Rayne Darkness...and its coming for you. 

[Rayne throws the mic down and taunts for the fans as the scene fades to black].

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