Never In The Cards

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Fri, Dec29, 2017 10:20pm America/Phoenix
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Never In The Cards
The scene fades in to the locker room of Rex McAllister. Rex is in his ring attire. Rex is sitting on a sofa in his locker. At the moment he's reading from his familiar big book of quotes with great interest. Soon Rex stops reading. He then slaps the book shut, as he slowly looks up into the camera. He stares deadpanned into the camera as he proceeds to speak for the first time.

Rex McAllister: It's almost that time.

Rex says with such a calm, you'd think there was almost no urgency in such a statement, and there wasn't...because in his mind this was just another promise about set to be fulfilled.

Rex McAllister: The skirmish that will no doubt awake the beast that lies inside us all, the one that we all try to keep caged up. The one manifested from our emotions. It's small battles such as these that have always been great preparation for the wars ahead. It's all based on choices made, but our emotions control everything as you will come to find out from the moment the battle begins until it ends.

Rex grins, but underneath that enclosed inside beyond his closed mouth are teeth that grit, and feelings of satisfaction as he allows events in his mind to play out, ones that have yet to happen but ones that he will see to it that they do.

Rex McAllister: There could be a train wreck, Kurtis, a very bad one if you can't keep it on the tracks long enough to reach your destination. How many times can you afford to allow the Hype Train to run off those tracks before they make that decision for you? By "they", of course I am talking about...the "Hype". I mean, after all, they didn't forget about you, but they didn't miss you as much as you missed them.

Rex ponders a moment as he shakes his head.

Rex McAllister: You'd have to make some type of profound impact first before they would ever allow that type of emotion toward you to set in. After nearly two years, Kurtis, and you're still in search of that validation to support the constant claims that you make. Your passion can only take you so far, and they'll only hold out for so long. Your hype won't mean anything without the proper validation, but all they have to look forward to is the next big train wreck that's about to take place.

Rex pauses a moment, then smirks.

Rex McAllister: Rayne, in a world devoid of smokes and mirrors, and elements of surprise, where true and honor and valor is the only thing accepted? Then perhaps you yourself would find fulfillment in a match such as this, but sadly that doesn't appear to be the case. It's quite clear that you're more distracted than you are focused. You seek answers, speaking with weak and idle threats that hold no merit rather than taking action. Seeking clarity even if it's by means of calamity. Unfortunately those two don't go together very well, and soon you'll find that out for yourself, albeit the hard way. You see, in the eye of a storm, you need to have that focus, Rayne...control. You aren't the eye of the storm, that's simply what's coming right for you on Ravage. You have a chance, it's a very small one though, to be that anchor for your side, but in the end, this storm, it's going to sweep all of you aside, leaving behind nothing.

Rex chuckles, but then focuses again at the camera. Then his expression turns serious.

Rex McAllister: There's only so much time one has to complete a task before that time completely elapses. The receipt you are in search of, Tommy, will never come to be has you've been in dire need of. At Holiday Hell, you bring all of those pathetic masses to bare witness to everything that is to unfold. A night where one begotten truth becomes a lie, and a new one is born. You will taste misery, just as the new truth is unveiled, revealing the harsh realities that you refuse to accept. 

Rex pauses, staring deadpanned again.

Rex McAllister: In misery and pain, you don't forget, not a thing. You can triumph over and over, but you'll never remember them all. It's the fall that will you remember. That's what it will be, Tommy. It's either you....or me.

Rex grins deviously this time.

Rex McAllister: The future can be a disturbing, nerve-wracking feeling as you await for it to come. Suffering in silence, awaiting the trial ahead. You're emotions inhibiting your words. Words that shrink and disappear once you fall, and fall you will. Take solace, for this is merely a prelude to your eventual curtain call, I guarantee it. 

Rex produces a hint of a smile.

Rex McAllister: Now that...was...rexcellent.

Rex looks on never taking his eyes off the camera or changing his expression as the scene slowly fades.


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