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Roleplay Roleplay by SUPER BACON
On Thu, Dec21, 2017 1:47am America/Phoenix
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New Guy
(The camera is set in a hotel room. The room has a bed in it and a TV it looks rather empty apart from Fave and SB sat on the bed).

SB: So Dave I was thinking of maybe going to  Franklins Mountain state park tomorrow it is not that far from here. It has lots of animals there and has many amazing views!

Dave: So what are you hoping to find there?

SB: I want to find as many different species of animals!

Dave: Do you know any of these?

SB: Well there over 100 species of birds visit or live here, including golden eagles, ash-throated flycatchers, calliope humming­birds and pyrrhuloxia.

Dave: What the hell is a pyrrhuloxia

SB:The pyrrhuloxia or desert cardinal is a medium-sized North American song bird found in the American southwest and northern Mexico!

Dave: How the hell do you know this?

SB: I\'m not sure to be honest!... Shame there aren\'t any hawks!

Dave: OK then are there any not birds there?

SB: Yes! The one that I want to find the most is the Mountain Lion!!

Dave: Oooh those are my favourite. OK let\'s go there tomorrow!

SB: They are very hard to find by the way.

Dave: What was that?

SB: Nothing!

Dave: Ok

SB: So what shall we do for the rest of the day?

Dave: Well why don\'t we have a little talk about your match with Jarvis Valentine, the new guy!

SB: OK but this won\'t take long as he hasn\'t been wrestling in WWX for long enough for me to really say anything about him. But let me tell you this I watched your first match. But that is only your first match you haven\'t had enough time to actually try out new moves. This is a message from me to you... Watch out for cos you never know when the hawk is gonna take a swift kick to your head!

Dave: OK thanks for that Bacon!

SB: OK I\'m gonna go to sleep now need my rest! Busy day tomorrow!

Dave: Goodnight Bacon!

(Dave stands up and walks away from the bed and goes to the door. He then walks into the next door room. The room is the exact same layout as Super Bacon\'s room. Dave goes and sits down on the sofa. He turns on the TV and switches to the WWX channel and finds Super Bacon and Rayne v. Syndicate and Darkness on).

Dave: Bacon and Rayne v Darkness and Syndicate. Let\'s skip to the ending of this shall we.

(The match is skipped to the end. Darkness kicks out at the last possible second, Rayne rolls away, not looking to waste a single second, the fans rallying behind him Rayne gets to the turnbuckle, climbing it, he eyes Darkness as he stands to his full height, Syndicate right behind, pushes him off...Darrkness with the rebound, grabs ahold of Rayne\'s head and hits Darkness Falls! He skips it further. The lights go out as Rayne kicks out! The fans, Syndicate, Darkness are confused as what seems to be loud splashes can be heard, a muffled scream as the lights come back on. Syndicate is shown down at ringside, lying in a pool of fetid water, knocked out with an extension cord wrapped around his feet and neck. A piece of wood with words: Murderer and Vengeance is written on upon it.
Darkness is laid out, struggling to come to in the center of the ring as Super Bacon eagerly hops on the turnbuckle, leaps as Darkness rises to one knee. Flight of the hawk.
As A New Power plays...the ref goes to grab Super Bacon, who is clearly shocked he did the impossible..Rayne is seen rolling out of the ring as the ref raises Super Bacon\'s hand.
Rayne is seen holding the WWX Undisputed World Championship high in the center of the ring as Syndicate comes to, freaking out over what happens as Darkness is seen leaning against the turnbuckle, Super Bacon jumping with joy, rolling out of the ring, celebrating with the fans).

Dave: Did you see that? Bacon just beat the 2 best in the business!

(Suddenly Dave's face saddens).

Dave: Now the next week, Rayne and Bacon were in a match for a title shot and then the two wrestlers that he beat the previous match came and decided to attack Bacon and Rayne costing them their match! Watch this!

(He switches the TV over to Rayne and Bacon v Fozzy Osbourne and Krimzon Blaze. He skips it to the part that he was just talking about).

Dave: Here it is.

(The camera pans over to reveal the two men to be none other than Darkness and the World Champion, Syndicate!  Without skipping a beat, Darkness runs over and punts a prone Super Bacon right in the head, damn near knocking him out.  Meanwhile, Syndicate quickly slides into the ring and attacks Rayne from behind)!

(Syndicate pulls Rayne in and flips him over for the No Signal!  Meanwhile, Darkness shoves the ref into the ring.).

Dave: You see the two of them are like kids... They can\'t take losing! Darkness you attacked him. I think its time for his payback!

(Camera fades to black).

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