New Skald, Same Story

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On Tue, Apr17, 2018 11:43pm America/Phoenix
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New Skald, Same Story
*scene opens in the same clearing as the previous promo, the remnants of the great bonfire burned out lie nearby. To the right, a noise causes the camera to turn where we see the Nordic Nightmare in training. He has a heavy, iron capped log on his shoulders and is doing a combination of squats and overhead lifts. He continues as the cameras approach, they stop just shy of a marked area on the ground as Korath tosses the log from his shoulders. He approaches the cameras, letting a barely restrained bark of laughter escape his lips as he draws near.

Korath: "Immediate response, I like that. He wants to battle as much as I do. Rex is eager to burn in his own creation, both this match and the situation he has put himself in, and I am very eager to send him to be burned and judged. Going off of your response you were bored is that right Rex, so you threatened Miss Kyla to get my attention because you were bored am I translating that right? Before I begin again describing why you are a fool and what is going to happen at Armada let me show you something."

Korath pauses for a moment, putting on a serious face as he takes a piece of parchment from a pouch on his side. Unrolling it he turns the page to show the names of several past wrestlers, some recognized and some unknown. Near the bottom of the page has been added the name of Rex McAllister.

Korath: "I will get to the meaning of this in a moment. But first I need to ask you something Rex, what twisted, fey crafted dream do you live in that makes you look the hero going into our match? What crimes could I have possibly committed that you would need to punish me for. In case you forgot Rex I came to that ring to stop you, if you had wanted a match all you had to do was ask. But no, you went and did the absolute stupidest thing you could have done, you threatened an innocent while I was within earshot. Maybe in doing so you wanted to challenge yourself, tis not many who are willing to challenge a man capable of picking up a vehicle much less one who is capable of fighting like a bearsarkr. Congratulations if that is the case, for you will be pushed to your limits and then dragged beyond them."

He pauses, studying the list for a moment before continuing.

Korath: "Now as to why this is relevant, on this piece of paper is the name of every man who crowed the same boring tune, different skalds, yet same story. You are an unwanted has been they say, your time is past so just lie down and die. You have no idea how I tire of this tune Rex, and you have no idea how I enjoy proving them time and time again, that Korath's legend will not end, not until his dying breath. Yes Rex, I have been inconsistent, yes the WWX was able to move on without me, but I have never been forgotten. The people who matter, the fans of the WWX, will never forget me and the brutality I bring to the ring. Even when I am a greybeard, they will remember, even when I lie upon my funeral pyre, they will remember. Can the same be said of you Rex?"

Korath pauses to put away the parchment, anger becoming more visible as he looks up.

Korath: "Rex do you believe I did what I did because of the World Title or for any glory for that matter? No, I have said why I face you, the fact that Ranger made this a number one contenders match for the World Title Belt is just the proverbial cherry on top of the cake. You mentioned I was once the gatekeeper in the WWX, as though someone had to get past me to go anywhere here. I give thanks for that, whether you want it or not. You never had the misfortune of facing me before, I will show you my gratitude by letting you have a taste of that power. Again I will say, I do not give a damn about prospect of getting another shot at the World Title, I will enter the Infernal Asylum to wreck vengeance upon you for what you did and for hiding instead of facing me sooner. I do not forgive and I rarely forget and come Armada you will burn and bleed and suffer at my hands."

Korath goes quiet for a moment, walking back to the log he was working out with. He bends and grabs the handles and with a grunt lifts it overhead before setting it back on his shoulders and walking back to the camera, looking as though in thought.

Korath: "Rex, the Armada of the WWX has set sail, and when it lands in Vancouver, you and I will enter the Infernal Asylum per your request to Mr. Ranger, we will do battle, and you will fall. You will get everything you asked for, but in the end, you will realize that Korath, the Nordic Nightmare, was not the man that you wanted to face. No I am the man that you need to face, because I am going to leave you humbled, lost...and ready to be devoured."

Korath turns and walks back to the circle, letting the log slip off of his shoulders as he does so, keeping his hold on one of the handles and holding it with some effort at arms length. He holds it suspended in the air with his strong right arm, and with his back still to the camera, turns his head and gives a predatory smile.

*Scene fades to Nordic Nightmare logo

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