New Year, New Start

Roleplay Roleplay by KAILEE
On Thu, Mar01, 2018 5:15pm America/Phoenix
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New Year, New Start
(Scene opens inside a suite in the Hotel Modera in Portland, Oregon, on the tv a soap opera is on while on the laptop on the desk, the British Met office announcing the bad weather that had landed over the UK and Ireland. By the window Kailee is standing staring out. She jolts out of her thoughts when the cameraman coughs.)

Kailee: sorry I was a million miles away. I was thinking about my family who is stuck in the bad weather back home, I left at the right time it seems.

Cameraman: Thatís OK, I just wanted to ask you about your match against Kendra Haze? Are you ready for it, what is your plan going in for it? And what are your plans for 2018

Kailee OK, let me answer those question for you for by one. The answer to the first question is, I plan to win pure and simple. 2017 Wasnít the best year for me but 2018, I plan to try and win my matches and win some gold. I have new tricks up my sleeves and Iím going to show the WWX roster what I can do.

(she walks over to the desk and picks up the steaming cup of coffee and takes a sip before walking over to the window.)

Kailee: as for your last question well, as I said Iím going to win, but in saying that, Iím going to have to take it one match at a time and see where it goes. In the WWX anything can happen as you know, 

(she smirks and turns to the camera fully.) 

Kailee: Kendra, I will see you at Ravage, bring your best shot, and letís see who the better person in the ring is. Donít expect for me to go easy on you. 

(She turned to walk in to the bedroom as the camera fades to the WWX logo before turning black.)

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