News on Bob Mellon

On Thu, Jan04, 2018 12:15am America/Phoenix
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News on Bob Mellon
*** Important news regarding the WWX International Champion Bob Mellon***

Bob Mellon is currently in contract negotiations about a title defense after Holiday Hell that will put him one on one against Hex Girl for the International Championship Belt. Little is known about the details as the front office, Bob, and Hex are currently ironing out the specifics. Speculation says the Title match will be set for the next PPV but insiders believe it may be sooner than that. As many of you know, Hex Girl has been out of action due to injuries sustained from her last match with the current International Champion Bob Mellon. Hex will make her return as a special guest referee in the Television Title match this weekend at Holiday Hell. Rumors are swirling but many believe the rematch between Hex and Mellon will be a no disqualification match while others go further in saying it may be a hardcore match. More to follow soon.

*** That was an important message from the WWX offices ***


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