Next Fury and Beyond...

Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Sun, Oct01, 2017 5:41pm America/Phoenix
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Next Fury and Beyond...
(After a week of witnessing an extreme personality change from the former World Champion, Bob Mellon, he looks to set some things straight. Mellon performed in two WWX house shows in the Houston, TX, area. However, the look of Mellon's performances was that of man crazed. Both opponents, who in their desire to make a name for themselves, were easily disposed of. The crowds didn't seem phased but there is talk in the backstage area that something has snapped in the legend's psyche. Before leaving the ring after his second victory, he was stopped for an update with a WWX T.V. announcer.)

Announcer: "Bob, before you go, everyone wants to know, what is going on?!? You've just renewed your contract. What the deal?"

(Bob, not answering, seems preoccupied with other things)

Announcer: "Bob, your fans, colleagues, and friends deserve an explanation. You've been cold. Jester referred to you as his 'stalker' and your cold demeanor had not been what we all expect." 

(Bob continues to be deep in thought. He seems to not be there)

Announcer: "Bob, you owe it to us to let us know."

(Still, silence from Bob. The crowd starts a 'Mellon' chant that echoes through the arena. Mellon still seems unphased by it all)

Announcer: "It doesn't look like we're going to get an answer from Bob tonight so...(Mellon rips the mic out of his hand)"

Mellon: "(Breathing heavily...) Let me make something very clear to you, these fans, and everyone backstage. The only thing I owe to anyone in this arena or any other arena around the world is to come out here and annihilate my opponent. That's all I've ever done. Even when I lost the IWA World Championship, it took a group of men from a stable you don't even remember, to cheat me out of that title after a three-month reign. I nearly fought off all odds before it all ended. I never turned down a challenge. I never underestimated an opponent. I never diverted the attention from my goal. In my prime, I was the best."

(Crowd erupts with cheers)

Mellon: "Now I have to prove again that I can reach that level of output. So I'm sorry if I'm not focusing on anything outside my match with Penny or my challenging Jester. Now that that garbage is out of the way, let me make a couple of points about these men. Penny, your only number one of my tearing through this roster. I don't care if you are a heel, babyface, or tweener, I am going to find you and put the hurt on you. Penny wins the lottery as my first opponent. Plain as the nose on your face, I am going to be very clear about it. I plan to break him so badly that he may never wrestle again. I have never been less intimidated by anyone quite like I am with Xavier. Former Tag-Team Champion? Former singles champion? So what! And you are still here!?!?!? Minus the explicit language, that's what he said. Tons of people have said they'd destroy him yet he's still bleeping here! (Mellon laughs) Of course, you're here... You've never faced the Beast!!"

(Crowd goes crazy)

Mellon: "Meltdown? Really? Will I be experiencing a mental meltdown? Physical meltdown? You're a walking joke. I'll take it one step further. If you beat me at Fury I will walk away from wrestling forever. That's how confident I am that I can tear you apart. International title 5 times? Tag-Team titles 5 times? Easy does it. You also lost them 5 times. No one seems to be mentioning that. Try being the World Champion for three straight months, defending the title on every card and pay-per-view whether the challenger is ranked or not, and finally being defeated after an entire stable's attack on you mid-match helps their pal walk away with your title. You barely deserve to share the same ring as I and Fury will prove that."

(Mellon chants move throughout the arena)

Mellon: "(the announcer tries to take the mic back) I'M NOT DONE! (Roar from the crowd) Jester, you think you have a stalker? You think I'm watching you from a distance for no reason other than to occupy my time? (The Beast laughs) I hate to break it to you, but that is not the case. Sure, I want to go face to face with you in the squared circle. According to you all I need is to ask the "GM" and my wish will be granted. I'll sweeten the deal for you. IF you walk away with the International Championship next Fury, I want our match to be a non-title match. That way you don't have to worry about anything other than you vs. me. I don't want that piece of garbage title or an opportunity to win that piece of trash. Just come ready to rumble. I believe you said about my defeat at World Series, I would crawl back under whatever rock I slithered out of. Well, here I am, funny man. So on Fury, good luck with your match. When you're done, you'll know where to find me if, by some chance, you haven't already run into me beforehand. The 'past' that you think I live in, is about the steamroll you into the ground... Fate. Fate. Fate...."

(Mellon hands the mic back to the announcer.)

Announcer: "Is there anything else?"

Mellon: "Pendragon, next Fury, just in case you happened to forget... WHEN YOU MESS WITH THE BEST, YOU DIE LIKE THE..."

(The crowd screams, REST)

(Guerilla Radio hits the P.A. system and Mellon leaves up the ramp) 

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