Niagara Falls

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On Tue, May01, 2018 8:01pm America/Phoenix
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Niagara Falls


*The familiar sight of black-and-white static crackles on-screen, quickly transitioning into a shot of a famous waterfall through a window.  The beautiful Niagara Falls, with the sun slowly setting behind them, sparkle as many gallons of water drop over 150 feet into the river below.  The Falls are situated just miles - or kilometers, if you're Canadian - away from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the site of this week's WWX Ravage.*

???: What a beauty.

*From off-camera left steps Syndicate, the current World Wrestling Champion.  He is dressed in his blood-red leather jacket, gray undershirt, black denim jeans, and Nike sneakers.  The World Wrestling Championship, which was defended at Armada against Tommy Lipton, sits proudly on the Los Angeles Outlaw's left shoulder as he looks through the window at one of nature's most divine wonders.*

Syndicate: You know, I've always loved Niagara Falls.  There's nowhere else in the world that has this much tranquility amongst the chaos.  I mean, you've got so much water tumbling down the cliff, causing an unbelievable amount of noise...but it just feels so, so calm.  And what's more, even though humans have turned this area into a glorified tourist trap, the Falls themselves have been mostly if nothing had happened at all.

*He softly chuckles, looking down at the ground.*

Syndicate: Right now, I stand in the Skylon Tower, an observation tower that overlooks the Falls.  I haven't been here since I was about eight years old, but back then, I stood right here...

*Syndicate points down to a spot on the carpeting situated near the window.*

Syndicate: ...and looked at the waterfall for hours and hours.  My mom had to physically drag me out of the place, if I remember correctly.  And now, as I get ready for Ravage at Toronto's Air Canada Centre, I decided to come here again.  Not to relive my childhood, no - I spend enough time trying to forget about all that - but to deal with the issues of the present.

*The World Wrestling Champion turns around to face the camera.  With Niagara Falls doing its thing in the background, it makes for quite the shot.*

Syndicate: I'm not going to sugarcoat it here, folks: for the most part, Armada was a shitshow for me.  To kick things off, the world got to see Darkness and I lose to 420, lose our titles, and watch those potheads become the final World Tag Team Champions.  Then, I had to sit backstage and see my best friend, Darkness, be forced to retire at the hands of Xavier Pendragon.  So you can imagine my mindset when I stepped in the ring with Tommy Lipton for the World Wrestling Championship in Armada's co-main event.  To put it mildly, I wanted to kick his ass all over Vancouver.  For years and years, Tommy Lipton has been a pain in my side, constantly getting in my way, and at Armada, I had the chance to take him out of action for GOOD.  I had the chance to FINALLY remove the poison that has been killing this company for over a decade.

*He smiles at the camera.*

Syndicate: And what do you know...I do it.  I spit in his face, I hit the No Signal, and I get the three-count.  I retain the World Wrestling Championship.  I RETIRE Tommy Lipton.  It was the high point of the night for me...but trust me when I say that things went downhill quickly.  Because Tommy Lipton wasn't done with the WWX, oh no.  He couldn't idly stand by and watch as a man he has NEVER BEATEN stands alone at the top.  So with James Ranger stepping away from the WWX...Tommy Lipton decides to swoop in, take the position, and immediately book a triple-threat steel cage main event for Deadlock.

*Syndicate pauses, as if letting that sink in.*

Syndicate: Never mind the fact that Rex McAllister and Korath literally had a #1 Contendership main event later on that night.  Now, I get to face Korath this week on Ravage - with Rex as the special guest referee, naturally - AND then move on to face both men at Deadlock.  Now, one could argue that this is just Tommy Lipton making the "best match possible"...but I see it differently.  The way I see it, Tommy Lipton has finally come to the conclusion that he can't beat me, so out of sheer jealousy, he's decided to keep throwing bodies at me until I finally fall.  This is PRIME Tommy Lipton, ladies and gentlemen.  This is why he is STILL the poison that sucks the life out of the WWX.  This is why James Ranger left, because even HE couldn't stand the mere presence of Tommy f'n Lipton.

*After taking a moment to calm himself down, a small smile once again appears on Syndicate's face.*

Syndicate: But no matter.  Just like I've done my entire career, I'll face this adversity head-on.  I'll beat Korath, and then I'll beat Korath and Rex at Deadlock, and THEN I'll take on everyone else with ease.  I am the BEST in the world at professional wrestling, I am the World Wrestling Champion, and I intend on staying exactly where I am - at the top.  If Tommy Lipton wants to screw me out of success, he can sure try - but even if he does, I'm going to continue to make his life a living hell.

Syndicate: But first, I have to make it past Korath this week in Toronto.  Korath, you survived a hellacious match at Armada, I'll give you that much.  You beat Rex McAllister in his own creation, and you EARNED the #1 Contendership fair-and-square.  But you didn't think it was gonna be easy from this point forward, did you?

*Syndicate cocks his head, smirking.*

Syndicate: You can't tell me you're not hurting from Armada.  Unless that announce table was made of foam, being slammed off the Asylum must have caused serious internal damage.  Plus, your back was burnt to shreds by the end of it!  You are in NO condition to wrestle at Ravage, and yet, here you are, having to use your title shot at a show you'll BARELY be cleared to wrestle at, if at all.  Don't you just love Tommy Lipton's decisions, sometimes?

Syndicate: But enough about the circumstances.  Korath, you've beaten me in the past, sure...but I've beaten you as well.  More importantly, I know what it takes to retain a World Championship, something you've NEVER had the experience of doing.  You've NEVER been under this kind of pressure, having to come into a match in an immense amount of pain and having to perform at the highest level with the highest stakes possible.  Me?  I do that every damn week.  This kind of match against you,'s nothing new to me.  Coming into a match injured...I've been doing that every week since Aftershock.  Even with Rex McAllister thrown into the mix as referee, I have no doubt in my mind who's hand is going to be raised by the Rex Master, whether he likes it or not.

*He leans against the window, still looking at the camera.*

Syndicate: This is my world, Korath.  This is my WWX.  I've proven it week after week for the past number of years, and I'm gonna prove it against you this week on Ravage.  Niagara Falls, provides a great metaphor for how things are going for me.  Amongst the chaos of Tommy Lipton becoming GM, you and Rex coming for the World title, and everything else in this damn I sit, undisturbed, with the World Wrestling Championship firmly planted on my shoulder.  That's not gonna change in Toronto.  Welcome to the Syndicate.

*Smiling, Syndicate walks off-camera right.  As the camera zooms in on Niagara Falls outside the window, the shot is overtaken by static.*



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