Night and Day

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On Mon, Jan15, 2018 6:36pm America/Phoenix
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Night and Day


*Static covers the screen before transitioning into a completely black-and-white shot of a deserted alleyway in Los Angeles, California, complete with a mostly-full dumpster and miscellaneous boxes dotting the landscape.  It seems to be nighttime, as the sky is completely dark save for the moon and the glow from the city below.  The camera pans away from the street and up towards the top of a nondescript metal fire escape.  Here, Syndicate, the former five-time World Champion, leans over the railing while looking down at the alley beneath him.  He is wearing a black WWX-branded hoodie along with a white t-shirt underneath, jeans, and Nike sneakers.  Due to the monochrome filter applied to the video, no color can be seen from Syndicate's attire or anything else.  The camera zooms in on the Outlaw's face as the camera's microphone picks up his voice.*

Syndicate: What a |BLEEP|in' turnaround.  I'm at the top of the world, the UNDISPUTED World Heavyweight Champion, having just won the Hell in a Cell match at Holiday Hell with a new partner by my side.  Since then, I've lost my title, I'm not getting a rematch anytime soon, and my partner just lost in the opening round of the Crusade Cup.  The difference the past week has made in my own night and day.  And it |BLEEP|ing sucks.

*He sighs and leans against the brick wall of the building with his foot propped up against it.*

Syndicate: So I get told that I'm in the Crusade Cup as a consolation prize.  Making me work for a championship rematch that I contractually deserve.  Whatever.  I guess it helps that I'm no stranger to winning tournaments.  I did it last year in the Demigod Challenge when I won back my World title rematch with multiple torn ligaments in my knee.  Before that, I outlasted all the others - including our general manager - to become the "Hardest Man in London".  So am I worried about how this'll turn out?  No.  Not at all.  I know I'll get my title shot, one way or another.  And I know that the Age of Syndicate, while currently on pause, will return to bring this company to all-new heights.

*The Outlaw smirks as he flips the hood of the sweatshirt up, covering his frizzy hair.  He then rests his hands back in his sweatshirt pockets as he speaks.*

Syndicate: So who's being shoved in my face first?  Kailee.  Now, I don't know much about her.  We've never faced off, we've never crossed paths.  But, I have gone back and watched some of her matches as well as her own videos posted on the site.  She can certainly hold her own, both in the ring and on the mic.  However, for some reason, I'm still not worried about facing her this week.  Not in the slightest.  Why?  Well, just look at the tale of the tape.  She hasn't done much of anything in her career thus far.  No championships, no real accomplishments, nothing.  She's just, not doing much of anything, really.  On the other side of the ring, she'll face off against a multi-time World Champion and a WWX legend in his own right.  A man that should be contending for this industry's top prize right now.  A man...that is more desperate and determined than he's ever been.  Kailee is going up against Syndicate, and on Ravage, Kailee is going to lose.

Syndicate: Kailee, I'm just gonna assume that you're watching this, and because of that, I'll just get straight to the point.  I will beat you this week on Ravage.  It's nothing personal; it's just that, by "random draw", you've been put in front of me first.  But instead of an opponent, I'm going to be treating you as a punching bag.  You see, I've been wronged in more ways than one by this damn company, Kailee.  I continuously raise the bar for excellence here in the WWX, and I'm continually disrespected by everyone else.  It's time to change that, and if it's your head that has to roll...well, so be it.  And I hope you're ready for what's coming, because I'm going to give you the beating of a |BLEEP|in' lifetime.  You won't even remember being loaded into the ambulance afterward.

*Taking a moment to calm himself down, he refocuses.*

Syndicate: You see what I just did, Universe?  I addressed getting passed up for the World title match at Aftershock and I promised to do something about it.  I didn't dwell on Xavier Pendragon's cash-in; instead, I told you all EXACTLY what I'm going to do to redeem myself and right that wrong.  Meanwhile, I go on WWX Heat and I see Kurtis Ray still STEAMING about getting outsmarted at Holiday Hell!  Like, what the |BLEEP|?  This man has gone on repeatedly about how I bitch and moan and complain about injustice - something I used to do, I will admit - while ALSO doing the same himself!  Not only that, but he called HIMSELF petty because of his incessant anger over Holiday Hell!  I couldn't write a better storybook ending for the meaningful part of his career myself!

*Syndicate laughs at his own remarks.*

Syndicate: Kurtis likes to take pride in the fact that I, apparently, can't beat him.  Maybe, when he actually wins the World Championship like he keeps promising to, he'll understand why I did what I did.  But as long as he keeps crying about it, nothing will change.  That's something I've learned over the past few years, and that's something he's gotta learn as well.  To be honest, so does Korath.

*Syndicate pauses again, thinking about Korath's words last week on Ravage.  As he does, a small breeze flows through the alleyway, causing some of Syndicate's hair to emerge around the hood.*

Syndicate: Korath blames me for his near-death experience.  He says I've been a "thorn in his side" for his entire career.  Fair.  However, I would say that what happens in a stipulation match shouldn't be blamed on the opposition.  We all signed the contract for that House of Horrors match.  We all knew that death was certainly possible in that environment.  But at the end of the day, I was fighting for my best interests.  I was fighting to get back the World Championship, something I planned on doing for months.  That's exactly what I did, and if Korath wants to blame me for endangering his life and acting in my best interests, then that's fine.  I just want him to know that I regret NOTHING.  If our positions would have been reversed, he would have done the same thing that I did, and for that reason, he's gotta get the |BLEEP| over Hall of Pain and move on with his damn life.

*Exhaling, he leans back over the fire-escape railing.*

Syndicate: Kailee, Kurtis Ray, Korath...I'm going to take you all out,  The World Championship is back in my sights, and as history will show you, NOTHING will stop me.  NOTHING will keep me down.  Most importantly, NOBODY will defeat the Los Angeles Outlaw. the Syndicate.

*Syndicate begins walking down the fire escape stairs, and as he does, the screen becomes gradually more obscured by static until it's fully consumed by it.*



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