Night out in Lincoln

Roleplay Roleplay by JARVIS VALENTINE
On Mon, Jan29, 2018 12:20pm America/Phoenix
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Night out in Lincoln
Scene opens to the busy streets of downtown Lincoln Nebraska. Many people walking briskly as they hurty too get to there destination as temps are below freezing with snow on the way. Cars can be seen bumper to bumper at red lights that line “o” street on every block. 

Suddenly we hear the familiar voice of Jarvis. A few moments pass before Jarvis and Summer, hand and hand come into the shot from behind the camera. The camera starts to follow them as they make their way through the crowded sidewalks. 

Jarvis: I love you too baby, and thanks! I think it is pretty cool making it this far in the cup. Nice little streak I’m having at the moment. Hope the momentum stays on my side going into Saturday and going all the way through to Aftershock.

Summer: Speaking of Aftershock. You already have a match against Willie Steen for the TV Championship. What if you 
make it to the finals in the cup?

Jarvis looks over at Summer and smiles before both of them stop at the crosswalk. 

Jarvis: Then, I guess, I would just have to bring my very best to each match. Right now my main priority is this cup. I want to get to the finals and face whoever it may be, and walk away from the match with the “W”. I already won the right to be the number one contender for the Television Championship. If somehow I can pull this off and become the Number One Contender for the main belt, and win the Television Championship in the same night, I’m sure my name would go down in the record books. 

The walking man goes from red to white as the group of people start to walk at the same time across the street. A kid walking with his mom looks up and Jarvis and smiles and gets excited. The kid pulls on his mom's jacket multiple times before she looks down and then over at Jarvis. She smiles briefly before the mom makes a right turn to walk down the other direction. The kid looks back and waves before Jarvis turns his attention to Summer again.

Summer: Bet you just made the kids day by waving at him!

Jarvis: I love being looked up to by all these kids and fans. I get a joy out of knowing that i can make people’s days go from horrible to good. Just hope I never disappoint.

Summer: You do an amazing job love.

Jarvis: Thanks.

They get almost to the next red man stopping people from crossing the road before turning and going into a building named “Brothers”. Jarvis opens the door for Summer. Jarvis follows Summer into the establishment. “Brothers” has a very open lay out with a centralized bar with seating around it. There is a stage in the back as well. Summer leads the way to the bar before Jarvis pulls out the high chair for Summer to set. Jarvis follows her by taking a seat next to her. The bartender comes over to them to get their drink order. He couple subtle movements and the bartender is back with their drinks. Jarvis gives him cash and quickly returns the change as he goes onto the next customers.

Jarvis: I was hoping that I was possibly going to be able to get my loss back by facing Bacon again, but Price put one hell of a match on. Kinda came out of nowhere to honest.

Summer: You think you can best him again?

Jarvis: To be honest, I hope so. But, with this newfound determination he has could make it a lot more difficult. I know that I have been able to beat him twice now, So I am hoping that a third time is not a charm for him in this match. I want this cup win more than anyone. I think so far I have been making an okay name for myself. But, this could launch me to the next level. And if I can reach that level in my young career here at WWX, then the future could hold many amazing things. 

Jarvis finishes his drink and motions for another one. Summer takes a sip of her drink before putting it down. Suddenly 
Jarvis’s phone rings. He pulls it out of his pocket and answers it. 

Jarvis: This is Jarvis…mmhmm…….ok…….Yea, that sounds like a great idea…….ok……..bye.

Jarvis pushes the end button before putting the phone back in his pocket. He takes another gulp of his drink.

Summer: What was that about?

Jarvis: Sounds like WWX wants me to come out on Ravage and speak about my match with Steen at Aftershock.

Summer: That’s great. Be nice to hear you talk about Steen.

Jarvis smiles as he takes another drink.

Jarvis: Yea, I have been waiting for the right time to do so, and I think the time is right, obviously. Didn’t want to take my mind off of this cup, but like they said, this is a pretty big match coming up at Aftershock. Be Steen's first title defense this time around, and will be my first title shot here in WWX. Means a lot to me, and I think the fans need to hear my thoughts in it. 

Jarvis finishes his second drink before asking for another round for both him and Summer.

Jarvis: Drink up ma’am. Today, and this week seem to be shaping up to be a fun week. Lets get it going the right way!!

Summer: Isn’t this your lunch break baby?

Jarvis looks over at Summer for a moment before smiling.

Jarvis: Took the rest of the day off to be with you baby. Going to be a hectic week and wanted to spend some time with my future wife!!

Both of them smile before giving each other a kiss as the scene fades to black.

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