Nippon Ichiban

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Nippon Ichiban
*Scene opens inside the great hall that is Korath's home. The cameras move through a door to a private room decorated with trophies of past opponents, various title belts including replicas of several WWX titles, and several different outfits depicting the various changes Korath has undergone in his career. The Nordic Nightmare himself is also in this room, kneeling in front of a shrine with a wolf totem set upon it, head bowed and hands on his thighs as he seems to be in prayer to this spirit. A noise from the crew gets his attention and he raises his head, standing with a growl and turning to face the camera. His leather tunic hangs loosely upon his body, as though it no longer fits him. His face is locked in a grim state and his voice is quiet and emotionless as he addresses the camera.

Korath: "I wanted to leave that world behind, I wanted to remain The Nordic Nightmare and never have to reawaken the wolf spirit. It seems though that my wants will never come to pass while I show mercy. At Bloodshed, I become the Bloody Wolf and will take the championship from the cooling hands of Syndicate, where I will crush the life from Rex McAllister, and where I will reign supreme in this company and even the world. Now if you would step back into the hall and I will tell you of when I was called 'Nippon Ichiban'."

The cameras back out of the room and as the clear the threshold Korath step out carrying and ornate box which he sets at the head of the table before having a seat himself. The cameras move closer to him as he broods. Korath pauses a moment longer then finally speaks again.

Korath: "Korath is not the name I used while in Japan. That is a name that will remain buried forever due to the horrifying acts associated with it. However it was while using that name that I was feared as Chimamire no Okami, that I earned the title of Nippon Ichiban, Japans Number One. I was the most violent, most brutal, and most feared deathmatch wrestler to ever be televised, though most of that footage has been destroyed due to the actions that caused me to be removed from that circuit. Before that happened however, I was the greatest brutal wrestler in BJPW. Challenged by many, beaten only by a few, much like with the WWX. Unlike here, the Nipponese encouraged my violent nature so much so that I crippled more wannabes than I can remember. My ability to inflict upon my foes pain, to see them trapped in twisted metal and broken glass, was second to none. Then an incident happened that forced me to leave, that stays on the isle of Nippon, with the name of the man who caused it. It is time to stop dwelling in the past, time for me to go into the future at Bloodshed and reawaken those skills to gain the title which I have yet to capture, the WWX World Wrestling Championship."

Korath pauses and looks down at the box, brushing the dust from the lid before opening it at peering at the contents. As the cameras try to get a look he quickly shuts it, giving them a deadly glare.

Korath: "You do not look into this without my permission."

(Off Camera): "Sorry sir."

Korath, still looking annoyed, opens the box again for a moment, looking in again before shutting it and continuing. 

Korath: "Let me get this straight Pup, you say that you and Rex know just how worthless I am, that no one takes me seriously, and that I'll most likely disappear after Bloodshed if things do not go my way is that right. By Frigg I'm glad you're not mine I would hang myself from the shame. Everyone in this business takes me seriously, especially those who have faced me and lost including our mutual opponent Rex 'has to attack women because my self esteem is too low' McAllister. Unlike him, and unlike you, I still have plenty to offer here. Only death or an early retirement will make me leave, and you Pup simply do not have the stones, nor the instincts, to get that job done. Do you truly believe I am worthless? I am a force to be reckoned with, and I am always popular with our fans whether I hold a title or not while you said yourself that you are nothing without the title."

" Did you not think I would catch that? I have reason after reason to be in this match, my skill, my luck, and now I need to take that title from you so that I can break you, humble you, and teach you. When I beat you Syndicate I know that you will immediately run crying to Tommy for your rematch, which I hope he refuses for the simple fact that you might grow and realize you don't need that title to be someone. However if he does decide to grant your request, rest assured I will be waiting, I will beat you again, and I will do more damage to you than a trampoline. While I reign as champion Syndicate you will have plenty of catching up to do with your mother as you lick your wounds."

Korath again opens the box and this time removes a small clay pot, that when the lid is removed looks to be filled with ashes. He dips in a finger and rubs it against his thumb as if testing it. He replaces the lid and then pulls out a blood stained wolfskin cloak, gauntlets and a war belt, laying each item out carefully and with great care.

Korath: "It would seem it is time I wore you again, I must become The Bloody Wolf to get done what needs doing. To show those you doubt me, those who disrespect me, that our legend is not something to be taken lightly. I've taken care with your upkeep, and now you and I must work together again to cause fear in the hearts of those who oppose, and to bring joy to those you watch, who would pay to see people destroy each other. So how about ot old friend, shall we shed our enemies blood once more?"

Korath strokes the head of the wolf on the cloak, as though he were remembering an old friend. He gives a brief smile but it quickly vanishes as his his thoughts turn back to the coming battle.

Korath: "What is it going to take Rex? What am I going to have to do in order to pound some sense into your skull. Twice know you have lost when we clashed, yet you still believe that you are the one coming out on top. It would seem I am going to to have to put you through so much torment, so much pain than you will never compete again. Should I turn the bones of one of your arms into pea sized fragments to match your pea brain? Maybe I should leave you crucified with barbed wire on a cell wall and break all of your ribs with your own cane. I will be the new champion, and I will crush you into pulp to do it."

"Why is it that you younger men believe yourselves far superior to us older warriors? You have proved nothing, you have gained nothing, so you are nothing's that simply loves to talk. Rex I have proven twice know that I am the better fighter, yet you still claim yourself the better all while complaining that you cant kill someone.  A warrior is lucky to see thirty summers Rex, and you want to be able to kill someone such as me, inside that cell you will have your chance but just remember I have fought in many, and am old for a reason."

Korath stands, emotion finally showing in his voice and his movements. 

Korath: "Syndicate, Rex the legend of the Bloody Wolf, who was once Nippon Ichiban, is going to be told again inside this Steel Hell Deathmatch. Do the two of you have what it truly takes to survive, to conquer this monumental challenge against me? I do not believe so but I have been wrong in the past. Can either of you overcome yourselves, overcome me and leave with the WWX World Wrestling Championship or will you both fall to this Nightmare and be devoured."

*Korath, after saying his piece, looks to his forearms at the heavy leather and bronze bracers he is always seen wearing. Slowly he begins to undo the laces of the left arm with deliberate, sharp tugs. Moments later he tosses the armor onto the table, giving us a look at the horribly scarred skin underneath before picking one of the wolf hide gauntlets and slipping it on and buckling it tight. As he makes a fist,checking the fit, his eyes close for a moment. When he opens them again, a new unseen rage lights in his eyes, making them seem to glow as the scene fades to black. Instead of the usual logo appearing, a great red wolf charges into view, blood flying from its jaws as it snarls and growls where the camera would be. Slowly The Nordic Nightmare begins to appear in the bloody spittle

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