No Clue

Roleplay Roleplay by JAMES CHEVALIER
On Fri, Sep14, 2018 12:34am America/Phoenix
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No Clue
Gamer: Dude, I got it. It was Professor Plum in the Library with the Wrench. Check the cards...

James finds himself with four men and one lady, each of whom seem to represent some part of the backstage clique that ensures the show goes on, without a hitch, and with safety measures in control.

Giacomo, the lead security officer who also happens to represent Professor Plum, says...

Giacomo: See? This is why I usually pick Colonel Mustard. There it is. The wrench, the Professor, and the Library. I bring shame to the Plum family!

Maria, a young lady attached to catering, then says...

Maria: That was two quick games in a row. I mean, I just...

Gamer: Well, seeing how the cards played out, your reactions to said cards, and my own information, along with a few hunches and risks, allow me to make strong educated guesses. Just like tonight. My upcoming match with Psycho Sally and... who was the other guy? I haven't heard squat from that guy...

Giacomo: Oh, you mean Crazy Jenna and Aaron Reiko. Yeah, that first one is a security nightmare. Got four people following her around. Then again, there's more than a few people in the WWX that get this kind of treatment.

Gamer: Well anyways, it seems that maybe Wacko Wanda is smart enough to figure out that maybe I'm not a guy to brush off so easily. 

Maria: She just a lot of noise and bluster...

Gamer: And that says a lot to me. Especially when it's more bluster than normal. But then again, who knows what goes through Loco Lucy's head. Then there's also Reiko...

Giacomo: My security team hasn't reported anything going on with him.

Gamer: Maybe he's playing it smart and close to the chest. Or maybe he's got nothing. I think it's the latter. He has no clue how to proceed against either of us, is what I'm going to go for. Just like Jenna has proven to be clueless as to how to proceed against myself.

It seems that she has at least made it clear that she perceives me as a bigger threat. But she has no clue what to do with that information. Does she make a plan to try and neutralize me? Or does she drive hard at Reiko in the hopes she can make him break before I can?

I can't answer any of these questions. Neither of them seem, as I've pointed out before, like sane people who make sane decisions. If either of my opponents would even bother to make a plan, it would be Reiko, and not Jenna. Of course, nobody's heard a peep out of Reiko.

No matter. Either way, I got my ideas on how to go about this match. Come the end of the night, when my hand is raised over these two clowns, they will realize what kind of Game I really do play.

In this case, it's the kind of game that's going to leave both of them...


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