No Holding Back.

Roleplay Roleplay by KRIMZON BLAZE
On Fri, Aug11, 2017 11:37pm America/Phoenix
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No Holding Back.
[As the unscheduled Alliance of Defiance meeting concluded, the scene switches over now to Krimzon Blaze, sitting at home watching tapes of Syndicate's past matches amongst the latest promo he put out as well.]

KB: I've never been one to question the motives or just how one can condone themselves, but for me, This match that I have against you Syn is what drives me to be the best.

[KB pauses the latest Syn promo to look dead straight in the camera.]

KB: I've bidded my time, waiting on the opportunity to grab that brass ring one more time, and I landed myself the Number One Contender status to your World Championship.

I've defied the odds before Syn, and I can damn sure do it once again.

There's no holding back for me now.

There's no third party to get involved, or some ridiculous stipulations put in place.

It's you.

It's Me.

In that Fury Ring.

[KB smiles.]

KB: Most people, yourself included, seem to believe that I'm just nothing but "hype".

Nothing but smoke and mirrors.

Tell that then to The Lost Soul who single handedly carried the WWX banner long before you even showed up to grace your presence here Syndicate.

I've gone to wars with the likes of Rheinhardt, Lost Soul, The Dreamie Brothers, Wasted Youth, Evil sPeD Eastin, wars that you wouldn't even begin to understand nor comprehend.

I'm not holding back any longer Syndicate.

What have I ultimately got to lose anyway? Sure it's another loss for me and I go tumbling back down the proverbial hell that is the ranking system...

But see, there in lies something you don't understand.

You've held onto that championship since Aftershock, but have you outright defended it in the most obscene matches that the WWX has ever produced? Go back in time to a little match called The Dutchman's Pit... it was more the match favored in the Triple A Division, but it also showcased the best of the best that the WWX could muster, and fortunately for me, I was part of those matches scaling ropes and trying not to physically die from how ruthless those matches came to be.

That was how I grew my strength, earned my resolve, and pushed my way to the top of this industry Syn.

You might be World Champion for the next year, hell 2 years or even more, but you'll never understand the true heart and passion that radiates out of me when my back is against the wall, and I will make sure of it that whenever our title match is scheduled, you will NOT be walking out of it as Champion so long as I draw breath!

[KB takes a few sips of his water.]

KB: I've gone to the fiery depths of hell and to the ladders of heaven in order to persevere and make damn sure that my name goes in the history books of WWX as the Best Aerial Master that anyone has ever seen.

There's only one of me Syndicate, and you will find out this week on Fury just why it is that I'm a Legendary Hall of Famer when I punch my ticket to become WWX Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion for the 5th consecutive time.

I'm not holding myself back for anyone any longer...

I haven't shut down because of your words Syndicate, I use them to fuel the fire that burns within me to take you out once and for all!


Our match will see a winner, the other will be left broken and bleeding.

Which one are you gonna be?

I already know where I stand.


And soon to be the NEXT and UNPROVOKED 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, WWX UNDISPUTED WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!

[KB then turns his attention away from the camera as it slowly fades to black.]

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