No Machines, No Nothing...Just Me (Race for the Case)

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Tue, Oct31, 2017 7:50pm America/Phoenix
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No Machines, No Nothing...Just Me (Race for the Case)
???: It's been at least 10 years since I first stepped foot inside a WWX ring. I was young, brash and completely cocky. I won't deny that fact. But that's what they call a "rookie" these days. 

Xavier steps out of the shadows and into camera view under a street light overlooking I-85. A garbage can, seemingly on fire is not too far from where Xavier is standing.

XAVIER: When I first started with the WWX, I was gonna continue using the "Chameleon" moniker that made me famous in the GWA, but felt like I needed to step up my game. So I came up with the name "machine". For close to a decade now, the name worked to some extent and has brought me some interesting success. Fast forward to present day.

The camera looks in Xavier's eyes and sees that they are blood-shot red.

XAVIER: Let's look at the other participants in this match, starting with Kurtis Ray. My question is why are you here? No, better yet, why did you come back? Do you honestly think you have what it takes to stop me from getting that golden ticket? No you don't. Sure, you'll paint your backstory before your WWX days as lessoned by you but the reality of the matter is I don't give two s***s of a rat's a$$ about your f***ing backstory! When you step into the ring with me at Hall of Pain, your backstroy WON'T you from the WORST a$$-kicking you will be given in your entire life!

Xavier takes a bottled water out his backpack and takes a big gulp before continuing.

XAVIER: Next, there's Super Bacon who surprisingly is making an apparance in this match. I could always find use for a new sparring target...that is if I was actively looking for a new sparring partner...but I'm not. Super Bacon to the rescue?! Just another rescue?! JUST GIVE ME ANOTHER REASON TO CAVE YOUR SKULL IN!! Do you honestly think that anyone in this match needs to be saved by you?! Super Bacon, the next time I see you in the ring, not only will I upstraight annihilate you, I'm f***ing BREAKING YOU IN HALF!!

Xavier moves to another spot, under a streetlight, his cold-dark eyes piercing through the camera.

XAVIER: Krimzon Blaze. The aerial specialist. Te only other man besides myself that I have respect for in this match. Blaze, you'been at the top of the mountain once before and I know that you know how to get the job done in the ring. While fans would love to see you win this match Blaze, it's not going to happen. I've waited too long and held back for too F***ING LONG FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO JUST F***ING STEAL MY SPOTLIGHT!!

Xavier reaches in his bag, taking another swig of his bottle water.

XAVIER: Jake Divine. What makes you think you'll fair any better in this match? So you got knocked out of the world title rankings and feel lost because in your beady litle mind, you're supposed to be on top of the whole damn world and claim that you're hot s**t. If you can't hold you own in a singles match, then how the F*** ARE YOU GONNA CLIMB THE LADDER?! The answer is simple: you DON'T! I already know what's gonna happen when you come up on the short end of the stick. Just face the facts Jake. Come Hall of Pain, I'M PLOWING RIGHT THROUGH YOU!!

Xavier looks around sees no one except for the normal traffic flow this time of night.

XAVIER: And then there's Rayne who thinks I should just quit and give it up. According to him, I don't have what it takes. Oh, I almpst forgot to mention: He stated I could take my "machine" and Empire and shove it. Rayne, what if I told you that the man you will be facing at Hall of Pain will NOT be "The Machine" that the fans have come to kn0w to be a household name. The man you and the rest of the world will see at Hall of Pain is the REAL Xavier Pendragon. No machine, no nothing. Just me; a Detroit native bringing the destruction, madness and chaos in my wake. The reason I am discarding "the Machine" is the Machine persona itself because it's time I finally descend to my rightful place in the the WWX, which is at the F***ING TOP WHERE I F***ING BELONG!! During my time as an active wrestler, I was always considered a mid-carder by most people when in reality I'm the F***ING MAIN EVENT!! The ONLY CONSISTENT PERSON IN THE WWX AND I AM CONSTANTLY OVERLOOKED WHEN IT COMES TO OPPORTUNITIES LIKE THIS!! I'm NOT gonna let you or anyone else in that match take my rightful opportunity away from me. See you all at Hall of Pain. In fact...I'm INDUCTING ALL OF YOU INTO MY HALL OF PAIN!!

Xavier takes off his "Machine Overdrive" jacket and throws it to the ground, then walks out of camera view.

scene fades

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