No Man Compares...

Roleplay Roleplay by KRIMZON BLAZE
On Sun, May28, 2017 1:34am America/Phoenix
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No Man Compares...
[We bring you back to the following date... April 12, 2017 - The place, WWX Ravage.]

[It was the main event of the night, with the winner advancing on in the Crusade Cup.]

[4 men.]

[3 of which knew what was at stake, however they knew that one of the competitors wasn't going to show due to contractual obligations, so WWX replaced him with someone that nobody saw coming....]



Jackson: Can you hear that?!? MY GOD!

Lane: NO IT CAN'T BE! NO!!!

Frenel: Ladies and Gentleman...From Detroit Michigan! Weighing in at 215 pounds, former WWX World Champion and Hall of Fame Class of 2011, He is, the one, and only, "The Aerial Specialist" KRIMZON BLAZE!


[Fade to black as Blaze steps out onto the ramp...]

[We now bring you back to present day post Ravage, as the card announced for the next Ravage has been made as it will be Kurtis Ray vs Krimzon Blaze, 1 on 1 in the Semi-Finals in the Crusade Cup.]

[A light flickers back and forth inside of a desolate room, completely void of any noise as Krimzon Blaze steps out of the shadows, a huge smile on his face.]

KB: definition, it means "the severely damaging or destructive effects of something" or "cause severe and extensive damage to."

Ravage is where I made my comeback, and not only that, I secured a spot heading into the Semi Finals of this Crusade Cup that I find myself in... 

*KB turns his attention away from the camera, as clips of previous matches start airing*

KB: Championship Matches...


World Series...

I've seen and done it all in the WWX...

No single man can compare to me.


Nobody can attest to the waters that I've traveled, the suffering I've endured, the rivalries that I've laid to rest...

No Man Compares.

No man is ever truly Good.

No man is ever truly Evil.

I do the things you never could.

And we will never be Equal.

*KB smiles as he turns his attention back to the camera*

KB: Kurtis... 

You sir are gonna be stepping inside the squared circle with one of, if not, THE most dominant athlete that has ever graced WWX...

Not only that, but a bonafide Legend as well.

Ask the people around you just who it is that I am, and they'll tell you that I'm the quintessential Main Event that everyone pays their hard earned money to see.

This match that we have...

At Ravage...

It will not only determine the Final competitor for the Crusade Cup, it will also be detrimental for one of us to win, and unfortunately for you, you won't be at all.

I came back to WWX to prove to everyone that at the age of 28 years young despite people believing that is considered old *cough* Lane *cough*, I walk into Ravage to go up against you and I will vanquish you from pillar to post and gain more and more traction on my way towards the top echelon of this company once again.

*KB shows his teeth now as he smiles*

KB: I hope that your ready Kurtis, I sure am.

*The camera zooms itself backward as KB round-house kicks a mannequin's head clean off its shoulders*

KB: The Kode of Silence...

*KB whispers*

KB: Has Chosen You.

[Slowly fade to black as the camera cuts to a WWX Ravage related commercial]

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