No More Games.

Roleplay Roleplay by KRIMZON BLAZE
On Fri, Aug25, 2017 8:52pm America/Phoenix
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No More Games.
*The camera comes to life at a Fury Taping, all the which two guys whom are seemingly harmless are having a match but then the arena goes dark...*

Jacobs: What in the world?

Mitchell: Another power outage?

"Taking You Down" by Egypt Central hits the airwaves.

Jacobs: That's... That's Krimzon Blaze's music!

Mitchell: Uh oh...

*The lights come back on and KB is standing in the ring, the two guys who stopped themselves wrestling are now looking on at KB, whose got a devilish grin on his face. They look at one another before going after KB, who quickly evades them before getting a double DDT on them both!*

Jacobs: Not a smart idea to go after Blaze!

Mitchell: Look!

*KB lifts one of them up, MIGHTY DEATH POP!

The other one comes to life, getting lifted up...


[KB quickly grabs a microphone.]

KB: Those two got it lightly that I won't go further then I need too!


KB: Syndicate can go and visit the San Diego Zoo and go see the various animals all he wants, but make no mistake about it Syn, I'm not gonna just let you tell me how things will be done around here.

I've pinned you once, amongst controversy, but none the less, It did happen!

And I will do so at my discretion because the WWX might've grown attached to you as its World Champion, but there in lies something different between you and I.

I fight for them, YOU fight for yourself!


KB: You've been nearly untouchable since Aftershock - well congrats to you, but if anything has changed Syndicate, _YOU_ ultimately FEAR losing that Championship to someone the caliber of _ME_!

_I_ am the Game Changer, the ultimate Play Maker that has ever surfaced in WWX, and I've made my intentions known since the very get-go since I returned that I promised the WWX Universe that I will win back the World Championship at ANY and ALL costs!!!!


KB: I told you all it takes is One Opportunity, you then decide to say "it isn't about one opportunity, its about many opportunities"...

You might be right about that, but I'm a whole new breed of challenge to you Syndicate!

You can't even fathom the fact that I'm literally milliseconds away from becoming World Champion once again!

But the thing that gives me so much delight about you Syndicate...

You _FEAR_ ME!


KB: That's right!

You fear me because you know how close I am to taking the most precious thing that means to you, and because of that fact alone, you might as well tell me next that I'm not a threat to you.

*Footage randomly shows Syndicate saying exactly that in his latest promo*

KB: Well what do you know? Syndicate is telling you all I'm the very least of his problems, that I'm just some annoying fly that he's gonna swat and teach manners too.

Listen to me closely Syn, I'm not just some punk kid that chose this life...




_I_ VOW to you all here and now that when my WWX World Title Match is secured, and the date is set, You are all baring witness to the single greatest career _RESURRECTION_ that WWX has ever seen!

To put this into perspective Syndicate...


KB & Crowd: YOU'LL HAVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



*KB pauses*

KB and Crowd: HAS CHOSEN YOU!!!!!!!!!

*KB throws the microphone down as "Taking You Down" by Egypt Central begins playing again as KB exits through the fans getting cheered on the whole way as it slowly fades to black.*

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