No more setbacks.

On Fri, Jan12, 2018 4:35pm America/Phoenix
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No more setbacks.
West Virginia Mountaineer: Would somebody, anybody, explain to me how you do an injustice, a DISSERVICE, to West Virginia Mountaineer?  Especially when it happened for a chance at a WWX title and especially at the time of the final Ravage of 2017?  

The voice in the void fades himself into the clearness of a video filming.  West Virginia Mountaineer is shown facing the plain backdrop.  He motions from left to right briskly. 

West Virginia Mountaineer: Like a meteor flying down from space and a separate time continuum, the odds were subject to being laid out against West Virginia Mountaineer, baby!  

Mountaineer turns around, his anger noticed while he wears his sunglasses, which some would argue were shooters glasses because of the yellow hue.  He points to the camera, the stress showing on his face intently. 

West Virginia Mountaineer: wWX, you put your fastest men in a match against West Virginia Mountaineer?  You stack the deck against the man that was the fastest growing newcomer to this company?  You force West Virginia Mountaineer to fight so many people when you know, you know WWX, that West Virginia Mountaineer is the best one-on-one, best singles wrestler, to hit a WWX ring in a long time.  You, WWX, want to tear down the momentum of the only guy that really brings any legitimate wrestling to your company?  

Mountaineer puts his hands on his hips, still upset.  He looks down and exhales dramatically.  Looking back at the camera, he shakes his head for a moment.

West Virginia Mountaineer: Don't be standing around and getting West Virginia Mountaineer all wrong.  Maybe, there was just some self notification that a major injustice would happen from a match that wild.  Maybe, it was the fact that West Virginia Mountaineer knows that against anyone of those other wrestlers, when facing them toe-to-toe, the victory on every occasion goes to the Mountain State Madman! 

Mountaineer nods at his own comment.  

West Virginia Mountaineer: Instead, Valentine wins.  Yes! Valentine wins the chance for the next slot of competition for the Television Title!  West Virginia Mountaineer is left wondering why.  Why he got screwed by being put in a match like that in the very first place?! 

Mountaineer stands silent for several moments.  Then, a smile crosses his face. 

West Virginia Mountaineer: Then, West Virginia Mountaineer connects the dots.  All the talk about champions not getting real tests and maybe, just maybe, being more paper champions than what they stomp around claiming to be, maybe that's the problem.  Look, West Virginia Mountaineer is not going to apologize about the fact that you can have the equivalent of seven people and three titles and not see something strange from it.  Sure, sure, West Virginia Mountaineer has heard of some hard luck going on with WWX.  Let's just not stack the deck against someone that everyone that watches WWX knows could be the best thing coming to WWX since the time WWX first came to cable television and pay-per-view folks! 

Mountaineer takes his hand and "combs" his hair back. 

West Virginia Mountaineer: Even though the last bit of work in 2017 for West Virginia Mountaineer didn't result into magic beans to sprout a huge spark for 2018, don't any of you WWX fans think for one second that West Virginia Mountaineer can't make his own luck.  He's been doing that for years because that's what people in West Virginia do.  It's the lemons and lemonade kinda quote, baby.  Anyway, first match of 2018 is to start the fight for towards the victorious run at having your name as winner of the Crusade Cup.  West Virginia Mountaineer's opponent in the first round is Frank Warren.  WARREN!  Drinking, and driving your wrestling fate straight into the hands of West Virginia Mountaineer isn't best of ideas.  The rotten day for you turns out to be at Ravage when West Virginia Mountaineer lets everyone know that it's a great day to be a Mountaineer wherever you may be all by nailing you with the Dubya Vee DDT for the 1-2-3.  So, liquor up and tie the boots tight.  Let's go! 

Fade out. 

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