No Rest For The Legend.

Roleplay Roleplay by KRIMZON BLAZE
On Thu, Dec14, 2017 11:47am America/Phoenix
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No Rest For The Legend.
[The scene opens up on KB's face, in his home of Las Vegas Nevada.]

KB: Hello WWX...

[KB takes a quick drink of water before placing it down.]

KB: I won't make any excuses or lies, I had an emergency family matter that couldn't be ignored so you all saw what happened between Bob Mellon and I in our match for the International Belt.

Bob, I sincerely and humbly apologize to you as a Legend and Hall of Famer that my head wasn't in the game when it was go time.

[KB takes a deep breath and then exhales slowly.]

KB: Now that the matter is settled with my family, a certain "tag team partner" has been basically talking trash behind my back when I've been away.


[KB quickly gets up as the camera zooms back before going tight in on KB's face again.]

KB: Dead Weight?! REALLY?! 

[KB's face is going red.]

KB: I never even AGREED to this partnership, this was all Ranger's doing! You think I like being mocked? Talked trash about? All you are concerned about is adding more gold to that waist of yours, which is fine and dandy, but I will NOT have you tarnish MY name on your own accord Fozzy.

You want the tag titles that badly? Good, because that's exactly the kind of fire that I need from you for the remainder of this tournament.

Bad mouth me all you damn well please, if it brings us gold then so god damn be it!

The Trend Killer and The Aerial Specialist...

The Ying and Yang of WWX...

[KB smiles briefly.]

KB: You wanna keep playing this game Fozzy, do so at your own discretion because so help me if you fail me in this little crooked tournament that Ranger put us in, I'll have your head.

[KB walks out of shot as the camera slowly fades to black.]

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