No ''we'' in ''team''

Roleplay Roleplay by WILLIE STEEN
On Tue, Feb13, 2018 7:10pm America/Phoenix
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No ''we'' in ''team''
(Scene opens backstage at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, minutes after Ravage has gone off the air. Camera catches a visibly irritated Willie Steen making his way to the locker room. WWX reporter, Jake Archer, catches up with Steen.)

Archer: Willie. Willie, that was a tough loss out there. What happened?

Steen: What happened? It's pretty obvious what happened. My worthless and incompetent tag team partner cost me the match and my Tag a Team Championship. See, this is what happens when you send a packmule to run alongside with a thoroughbred. 

Archer: So you believe that Kurtis Ray is solely to blame for the loss?

Steen: Of course he's to blame. You saw the match. He was awful. He looked like a dying fish out there. This loss was completely on him. He proved once again that he has always been the weak link in this partnership. 

Archer: Well, Willie, it seemed to me that you were a bit distracted out there. 

Steen: Distracted?

Archer: I mean, you just looked like you weren't very engaged in the match. At one point, you were actually standing outside the ring talking on your cellphone while your partner was getting double teamed. Don't you feel like you could have done more to help your partner?

Steen: What am I? His babysitter? I don't have the time to hold his hand and breastfeed him. Everyone has to learn to carry their own weight. This is the WWX. The Big Leagues. If he can handle the heat then he should pop a squat on the bench. And yes, I was on my phone for a brief minute. But that's because I had a very important business call I needed to attend to. I'm currently in the middle of some very lucrative marketing endeavors that will help me to improve my brand. So, I'm sorry if my so-called “partner” couldn't hold his own for one measly minute.

Archer: It was four minutes actually.

Steen: (sarcastically) Oh, four minutes? Wow, well, that's just a horse of a different color, isn't it?

Archer: Considering he'd just been released from the hospital. 

Steen: Oh, boo hoo. Poor widdle Kurty Wurty was all sicky wicky. Everybody's got pain. This morning, I had to take a private jet from Chicago to get here for the show. I'm dealing with major jet lag here, but you don't see me crying about it?

Archer: Well . . . 

Steen: You know what, no. I don't wanna here any more excuses. I let Kurtis Ray ride on my coat tails to success for much longer than I should have. And tonight, he proved what I and everyone else already knew. That he needed me far more than I needed him. 

(Steen holds up his Television Championship belt.)

Steen: You see this? I did this? In fact I've done it five times. More than anyone else has ever done it. And each time, I did it on my own. This Saturday at Aftershock, I defend this title against Jarvis Valentine. And after I beat him, and my hand is raised in victory in the middle of that ring, you're going to see who the strongest link truly is and was. 

(Without another word, Steen brushes past Archer and the camera and heads toward the locker room. Scene fades to black.)

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