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On Fri, Jan26, 2018 1:38am America/Phoenix
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(A camera clicks on, revealing a small and yet still rather extravagant hotel room. The furniture has been arranged somewhat to give something of a makeshift stage, and it is into this hastily cleared area that Kurtis appears. He steps toward the camera, opening his mouth to speak before apparently thinking better of it and packing to and fro for a moment.

Finally he sighs, scratching his head and turning to face the camera, appearing somewhat reluctant.)

KURTIS: Hey Universe. I know I've been quiet for a couple of weeks. It's been because I didn't really know what to say, if we're being honest. I was salty. I was mad, and I reckon I had every right to be. I was mad at Darkness and Syndicate, I was mad at myself, and I was mad at you, Universe. I was mad because Syndicate and Darkness screwed me over and you still cheered for them.

(Kurtis stops, shaking his head and heaving another sigh.)

KURTIS: At Holiday Hell, I trust that means that was what the Hype wanted. And so, after a great deal of personal reflection and meditation, I've come to terms with that. It's time to focus on other things and, for now at least, that is not Darkness and Syndicate. Now, my friends, this week is my first appearance in a tournament I nearly won last year, a tournament that set a series of events in motion that culminated at Holiday Hell. This week is my first appearance in the Crusade Cup, against the.... West Virginia Mountaineer.

(Kurtis looks surprised for a minute, then deflates, disappearing offscreen for a minute before returning with a notebook. He holds it up to the camera, pointing at where he's written down 'West Virginia Mountaineer.')

KURTIS: I know we're early in the tournament, but really? What the hell, huh? Could have been Tanno Waters if he hadn't decided it was more important to beat up Jake Idol than it was to put any gas into his return. But Tanno isn't what this is about; what we're talking about is the West Virginia Mountaineer. He appeared on the scene recently and has done well so far, but that ends with Ravage.  On Ravage, if you're not 100% on me, you'll learn why it is that it's a bad idea to underestimate the  Hype Train.

(Kurtis tries to look serious, a smirk crawling onto his lips.)

KURTIS: Real talk? This is ridiculous. You are ridiculous. You're a joke, Westies. And the punchline isn't even good, just kind of sad. You remind me of this dude that begs for money at the Walmart near home. He was in an accident and lost both arms and one leg. Now think about that for a minute. Somehow he manages to keep on coming back even though the universe told him to pack up his ball and give up ages ago. Except when I see my one-legged, no arm friend, he makes me happy. Watching himself pull himself along in his cart with his one leg, looking like some kind of majestic spider monster, hurtling at you through the night...

(Kurtis chuckles to himself, then looks embarrassed. He bites down on his cheek to get the laugh under control. After a moment he lets out a breath.)

KURTIS: Either way, on Ravage, your Crusade Cup journey ends. Not with a bang, but with a Death Ray. Or maybe a Trainwreck. We'll see where the evening takes us. I hope you brought your dancing shoes, cause the Hype Train is gonna take you out on the town. See you there, sunshine.

(Kurtis winks at the camera, before reaching over to shut it off.)

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