North Atlanta High School Football

Roleplay Roleplay by CAMERON WESTPORT
On Wed, Jul19, 2017 3:24pm America/Phoenix
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North Atlanta High School Football
[The scene opens on a high school football field in the blistering heat. Coaches are leading drills as the players drip sweat and struggle to keep pace. A big whistle gathers the attention of all the players and coaches and the team forms up in the middle of the field. The players take a knee as the head coach prepares to speak.]

Head Coach “Normally there isn’t much I would stop practice for, but today we’ve got a very special guest, with a strict schedule. That being said gentlemen, here is WWX Superstar and North Atlanta High School alumni, Cam Westport.”

[Cam emerges from behind a couple of coaches and moves into the center of the circle, surrounded by the players.]

Cam “Now it sure feels like forever ago that I was strapping on my shoulder pads and clashing helmets out here in this hot ass sun, but in all reality it was only a couple of years ago.  It fills me with pride to come out here and see you young men out here grinding away, making yourselves better. I don’t think South Atlanta or Midtown is working this hard right now, so this is one step towards claiming victory over those two.

Now I don’t want to keep you guys sitting too long, you’ve got plenty of work to do. At the same time I’ve been right where you are, so I’m gonna drag this out so you can catch your breath haha”

[The players laugh and the coaches give off a smirking smile]

Cam “In all seriousness tho, you all should know that the sky isn’t the limit, it’s even higher. Not too many years ago I was practicing my jumper in the gym and working on my 5 step drop back out here and now I’m competing for championships on national TV in the squared circle. I’m where I am because of hustle. Every day when you hit the gym or you come out here you have a choice. Give 100% or give anything else, if you give anything else you are cheating yourself and your teammates. When you choose day in and day out to give 100% you can achieve the unachievable. So I want you all to show me what you’re made of. Line up on the goal line!”

[All the players hop up and line up in the endzone.]

Cam “This is today’s conditioning, a good old fashioned One K! Run to the 20 and back, the 50 and back, the 80 and back, and the opposite goalline and back, then do it again. That is roughly One Kilomenter. “

[The players seems dejected at the prospect of the long run.]

Cam “Do you want to give 100% or anything else?”

Players “100%!”

Cam “Then let’s get it, try to keep up”

[The players get excited as Cam joins them on the goal line. The head coach lets off a “Ready?” then blows his whistle. Some kids sprint ahead, while Cam paces himself with the middle of the pack. A pair of players are already striding towards their first 80 as Cam finishes his 50. Silently, but with confidence Cam holds pace. As they come back through the second half Cam slowly gains ground, maintaining his same speed as the sprinters gas out. As he reaches the opposite goal line and looks back towards the other one, there is only one player left. The lock eyes and blast across the field. The kid has a step for a second, but Cam grabs the edge about half way and sprints ahead. Immediately after finishing Cam turns around and shouts and cheers encouraging the remaining players. As the second half begins to trickle in Cam heads to the player that finished right behind him.]

Cam “What’s your name champ? What grade you in?”

Ty “I’m a senior, Ty.”

Cam “Those cleats are pretty trashed”

[They both look down at Ty’s worn cleats, the left cleats side is busted out, exposing some sock. Ty stands just shorter than Cam at about 6’4, he has a slim but athletic build.]

Ty “They’ve seen better days, they were my brothers when he played.”

Cam “What size you wear Ty”

Ty “15s man, these feet are huge. They don’t sell 15s anywhere… I probably couldn’t afford em anyway”

[Cam sits down on the turf and reaches down towards his feet. He begins untying his cleats. A fresh pair of blaze red Nike Talons. He slips both of them off and gets back up. Cam hands the pair of shoes to Ty.]

Cam “What do I need cleats for, I’m a wrestler.”
Ty “No way! These are the most fire shoes that’ve ever touched this turf, you can’t just hand em over like that.”

Cam “You need em more than I do, I’ve got J’s in my car.”

[Cam hands Ty the cleats and throws his arm around him, turning to the now gathered crowd.]

Cam “I’ll tell you guys what, Ty just put in 100% he gave me a run for my money. I don’t know what this kid is like on a a day to day basis, but if he puts in 100% everyday like he just did… you guys are gonna have a really solid base for this season. Coach.”

[Cam wraps as the coach comes to the front.]

Head Coach “Alright let’s break it down. I think we all know who is gonna break us down today. Ty!”

[The team gathers around Ty, all putting their fists up. Ty’s hand rise up in the middle of the pack, holding the cleats. “Team on three! One two three! TEAM!” The team splits up as the players head to the locker room. Cam keeps walking and talking with Ty as the camera fades to black.]

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