Not Gonna Stay Down For Long

Roleplay Roleplay by FILL
On Mon, May22, 2017 2:30pm America/Phoenix
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Not Gonna Stay Down For Long
[ The segment takes place at a hospital, where one of the doctors is having a conversation with the nurse, right in front of one of the patient rooms ]

Doctor: How's our patient doing?

Nurse: He's stabilized for now, even in a hurry to leave.

Doctor: I'll cover that with him, don't worry.

[ The nurse leaves the doctor to tend to the patient. The doctor enters the room, and sees Fill sitting on the bed. The doctor is about to say something, but Fill interrupts him in a quick manner ]

Fill: You won't have me stay here much longer right?

[ The doctor laughs and looks at Fill's chart ]

Doctor: Well, it doesn't look like it will take much longer, no. But you can't leave just yet. Tell me Fill, do you remember what happened to you?

[ Fill tilts his head and speaks out with a little sarcasm ]

Fill: Yeah, I fell down the stairs...
...of course I remember. These days every accident I've been in has something to do with Giant Khoklov. That bastard chokeslammed me off the stage.

Doctor: Good, no head trauma. Do you feel pain anywhere else on your body?

[ Fill tries to stand up, but grabs his back and sits back down ]

Fill: My back still aches, but I'll survive. It won't keep me down for long.

Doctor: It might not, but I suggest you remain here at least until tomorrow. By the way, I was instructed to inform you that you have a match this Sunday, against one Lu'Andre Xavier, and I believe it was for the...

Fill: The International Championship?

Doctor: Yes, that was it.

Fill: Tell you what doc, if you say I have to stay until tomorrow, that's fine by me. But first thing in the morning I'm out of here, and there's nothing you can do that will keep me here any longer. I've waited for this opportunity for a very long time, and I'm not planning on missing it for anything, not even a little back pain.

[ Suddenly Fill frowns and starts rubbing his back ]

Doctor: Are you sure about that?

Fill: Damn right I am. Who knows, after Mayhem, I might not be the only one who will need medical attention. No need to inform WWX about it, I'll let them know first thing tomorrow.

[ Fade to black ]

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