Not gonna steal my shine

Roleplay Roleplay by WILLIE STEEN
On Wed, Dec20, 2017 7:53pm America/Phoenix
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Not gonna steal my shine
(Scene opens inside a dimly-lit, empty boxing gym. Standing next to a television is WWX superstar Willie Steen. As the camera pans around, the image on the television screen comes into view. It is a replay of WWX superstar, Kurtis Ray’s last interview. Steen is taping his hands as he watches his tag team partner on the screen.)

Ray: I'm pretty sure my partner is a write-off, so I gotta approach this like I'm fighting two men and, believe you me, that is something I am well versed in.

(Steen grabs a remote and pauses the video, shaking his head.)

Steen: You’d love that, wouldn’t you? You would just love for me to get nixed out of the equation, leaving you to face those two all on your own. Just so that you can claim all the glory for yourself. 

(Steen rips the tape and pats his hands. He turns and walks toward a heavy bag hanging a few feet away.)

Steen: That doesn’t surprise me one bit, K-Ray. That’s been your M.O. all along. Ever since you came into this business, you’ve been all about making yourself look good at other people’s expense. Most notably and most egregiously, my expense. You’ve made a shameful career out of sucker punching me and stealing my thunder.

(Steen approaches the bag and stops. He stretches for a second and then sends some warmup jabs into the bag.)

Steen: And then, last week on Ravage, you tried to do it again when you punched me and through me out of the ring before our tag team match against 420. Seriously, what the hell were you thinking? You nearly threw away a title opportunity? And why? Because you’re a selfish egomaniac who can’t stand to see anyone else in the spotlight. Seriously, you’re lucky 420 absolutely sucks or else we wouldn’t be in the finals right now. More importantly, I wouldn’t be in the finals.

(Steen begins to quicken the pace of his jabs)

Steen: Thankfully, 420 is dog-duke and manned down at the best possible time for us to advance. But now, we have a real challenge this week in the finals, in Fozzy Osbourne and Krimzon Blaze. Neither one of these is someone to take lightly. I mean Fozzy may be a loudmouth, but he also the reigning Television Champion. While he may only be so for a few days longer, he still the champ, and that didn’t happen by accident. And then there’s Krimzon Blaze. What more needs to be said about that hasn’t already been said about him. I mean, these guys are already  a challenge on their own. Now I have to face them as a team. And with a partner, who as I mentioned before, has a pension for screwing me over.

(Steen’s strikes begin to get louder and angrier)

Steen: But not this time. Not when I have a chance to take home championship gold. There’s no way that I’m letting some attention stealing, glory hound ruin my opportunity to become champion. So, sorry Kurtis, but the “Hype Train” is gonna have to stay in the station because the “Steen Machine” is taking over the tracks. And if you don’t wanna get derailed, you can either get on-track or get out of the way. Because at Ravage, I’M going to beat Fozzy Ozbourne and Krimzon Blaze and I’M going to become the WWX Tag Team Champion.

(Steen strikes the bag with one last mighty blow, sending it swinging in place. He stands heaving silent, heavy breaths. Then he turns to the camera.

Steen: Put that in your train whistle. And blow it.

(Steen turns and walks angrily off camera. Scene fades to black.)

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