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On Mon, Feb12, 2018 10:14pm America/Phoenix
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Not Quite Done


*Static consumes the screen before ceding to a shot of an Apple MacBook Pro propped up on a small brown coffee table.  Behind it, a large HDTV is hanging on a tan-colored wall bathed in soft, warm light from a nearby lamp.  On the MacBook's screen, Spotify is opened, and the Jorgen Odegard remix of "Gold" by Imagine Dragons is playing.*


*Slowly, the camera pans to the left to reveal Syndicate sitting back on a cream-colored sofa, deep in thought.  As the camera pans, the rest of the room is revealed to be Syndicate's familiar Los Angeles apartment.  Syndicate, dressed in a gray Tapout muscle shirt and blue jeans, is staring at his newly-won World Tag Team Championship belt, which is sitting next to the laptop on the coffee table.*

Syndicate: Wow.

*He shakes his head.*

Syndicate: I never thought I'd see the day where I'd be called a Grand Slam Champion.  I thought after Midnight Syndicate broke up back in 2014 that I'd never come close to being a Tag Team Champion ever again.  Well...never say never, I guess.

*He pauses.*

Syndicate: Darkness and I are the tag team champions of the mother|BLEEP|in' world.

*After another pause, Syndicate sighs heavily.*

Syndicate: ...but it's not good enough.

*The former five-time World Champion reaches over and presses the space bar on the MacBook, pausing the music.*

Syndicate: No, no...I'm not quite done with my hunt for gold.  Not yet.

*He looks over at the camera, which sits to his right.*

Syndicate: Ever since Holiday Hell, I've been on a quest.  Some could call it a quest for revenge on Xavier Pendragon.  Others may call it a quest for gold.  I call it...a quest to shut the haters up.  For YEARS, I have been the butt of jokes in this company for no |BLEEP|ing reason.  I've been made a fool of by my peers, regardless of what I've accomplished or who I've beaten.  To put it succinctly, I've been given absolutely zero respect.  Over the past few months, I've heard nothing except how I apparently can't beat Kurtis Ray and how Korath wants his revenge against me for almost killing him.  Not only that, but a match doesn't go by without someone interfering and trying to cost either me or Darkness the match.  Is it really illegal for two people to be working together, guys?  Is that really the evilest thing imaginable?

*He stops talking for a moment, letting himself calm down.*

Syndicate: Okay, rant over.  The point is, Darkness and I were sick of being the laughingstock of this we started kicking ass and taking names.  I beat Korath...he beat Kurtis Ray.  Last week, we took the Tag Team titles from the cold, near-dead hands of Kurtis and Willie, and proved once-and-for-all that we ARE the best team in this company.  And now, this Sunday...I get to reassert my position at the top of the mountain and get the World title shot that I should have had weeks ago if contractual obligations were followed correctly in this company.

Syndicate: At Aftershock, I'm slated to face Kurtis Ray in the Crusade Cup semis, but before I get to him, let's talk about two people that I rarely get to address: Jarvis Valentine and Jake Devine.  Jarvis, I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've had the pleasure of meeting here's an introduction.  My name is Sydney Maxwell Irvine, I am a five-time World Champion and a future Hall of Famer, and I'm going to tear you to absolute shreds if we face off in the finals.  Why?  I think it's pretty simple.

*Syndicate smirks.*

Syndicate: I'm faster than you.  I'm smarter than you.  Anything you can do, I can do ten times better.  Put simply, you are an unproven rookie while I'm one of the greatest to ever step into that WWX ring.  Get the picture?  And I didn't even mention the fact that in addition to the Crusade Cup semis, you've got another match at Aftershock against Willie Steen!  That means that if you make it to the finals, you'll be wrestling three matches in one night!  Oh my god,'re gonna get killed!

*He laughs.*

Syndicate: And then there's my old pal, Jake Devine.  Correct me if I'm wrong, Jake, but I don't believe we've faced off since your sad attempt at a title shot against me last summer.  What a match that was.  I went out there telling anybody who would listen that I would kick your ass, and well...that's pretty much what happened.  You lost, and you faded away into non-existence like you always seem to do.  In fact, I'm willing to bet that's gonna happen again this week when you either lose to Jarvis or me.

Syndicate: Here's the thing, Jake.  I don't like you.  All I really remember you for is following Tommy Lipton around like a tool when he was trying to infiltrate BTA.  Because of that, I see you someone that just blindly follows orders like a |BLEEP|ing chicken.  I don't have any respect for you, Jake, and I will have no problem beating you at Aftershock.

*Syndicate stands up from the couch, walks around the coffee table, and enters the kitchenette.  He opens the fridge and reaches in, grabbing a bottle of red Gatorade.*

Syndicate: And then...there's Kurtis Ray.

*He semi-angrily slams the fridge door shut as he says the name.*

Syndicate: A man that should have just gone away a long, long time ago.  A man that clearly won't listen to his own body when it says to take a |BLEEP|ing break.  A man that thinks it's wise to come defend his Tag Team Championships when he's clearly in no condition to compete.  Great job, Kurtis...great job.  Your partner was a mess, you couldn't even run across the ring without getting winded, and you lost your Tag titles.  Great |BLEEP|in' job.

*Opening the bottle of Gatorade and taking a swig, he continues.*

Syndicate: Now I suspect you'll be of better health come Sunday.  I'll suspect you'll be at 110%.  But I also know that even that won't be enough.  Because even without Darkness at ringside, I know that because of the momentum I've built up over the past few weeks IN ADDITION to my own skill and prowess as a wrestler that I can beat you at Aftershock, Kurtis.  I know I can.

Syndicate: You are nothing more than a bird that keeps flying into the same window.  You try and try and try to usurp me as the guy at the top, and time after time, you fail.  You lose at Holiday Hell, you lose in a Tag title defense, and you'll lose at Aftershock.  Even if there are other circumstances that you can blame for your still lose, time after time.  Those fans that support you, for some reason?  They're slowly beginning to realize that you're not the wrestling mastermind that you see yourself as.  The dying, and it's dying because the WWX Universe has realized which one of us is truly the best - me.  At Aftershock, not only am I going to settle the debate and take you out once and for all...but I'm going to secure a title shot that I should have had in the first place.  I'm sorry that you have to fall for that to happen, Kurtis, but I'm past the point of caring about you...right now, it's just business.

*He leans on the countertop in front of him as the camera zooms in.*

Syndicate: I'm a Tag Champion, I'm a five-time World Champion...but I'm not done yet. the Syndicate.

*Smiling, Syndicate walks off-camera, and as he does, the shot transforms into static.*



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