Not Sure I Care

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On Mon, Nov06, 2017 1:03pm America/Phoenix
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Not Sure I Care
[ The camera catches Fill as he's giving autographs to fans. He gives a few more and lets them take some pictures with them before he announces that it's time for him to leave ]

Fill: Okay everyone, I'm sorry but that's enough for today.

[ The fans look a little disappointed, but he still grabs his jacket and leaves. He goes to one of the locker rooms and as soon as he enters it he throws his jacket on the ground, looking a bit tired ]

Fill: Man these last few weeks took a lot out of me. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy Rayne and I picked up a pay-per-view win a few nights ago, but lately I've had a couple of mood swings. Jester got hurt pretty bad and it's unclear when and if he will be back soon, Korath lost what was meant to be a one on one match. Everything has been going from one direction to another, I don't know what's going on anymore.

[ He picks up a bottle of water from his bag and takes a few drinks before he continues ]

Fill: So this week, we're going back from Fury to Ravage and Wreckage. Rayne's doing double duty with Darkness on Wreckage, and he will be in my corner for support at Ravage. At least he's cool about it, I've grown so wary these days, I don't know if I will be able to enter two shows in such a short amount of time, but it's like my grandma used to tell me - you get what you studied for. But enough about my mood swings for now, one of the reasons I'm feeling a bit down is that at Hall of Pain I faced two faces I was very familiar with. I had had plenty of run ins with both Damian and Xavier in the past and I had enough to say about them from experience. Whereas now, at Ravage I'm facing someone I know nearly nothing about.

[ He shakes his head and looks sarcastic ]

Fill: Yeah, yeah, I know. How can I not know anything about Kurtis Ray. I only faced him in a tag team match a few weeks ago, but that was one thing. He was teaming with Kailee, those two had nothing in common, it was like I wasn't facing him at all. And the other thing that I'm supposed to know about him is that he is a former Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion. I was already back in WWX when that happened, I could hardly believe he beat Syndicate for it, but let's face it. He lost it back to him in their following match. Not to mention Syndicate is the champion...AGAIN. Okay, okay, I got a bit carried away, Syndicate's cool. Back to Kurtis, I've faced a lot of superstars that had made names for themselves and I still tried at least a little to learn something about them. But you Kurtis, I don't know a thing about you, and I really don't care to learn anything about you. You probably feel the same about me, but again. I don't care what you think of me. Rayne knows more about you, but I'm not gonna waste his time to ask. I'd rather think only about the tag team tournament right now, but a match is a match, I have to face you as well.

[ Fill lets out a sound of disappointment as he picks up his jacket that he threw earlier. He removes a part of the dust on it and puts it on his back ]

Fill: So Kurtis, say what you have to say, I'll be waiting. 

[ Fill slams the door on his way out as the segment ends ]

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