Not this guy

Roleplay Roleplay by WILLIE STEEN
On Sat, Jan06, 2018 5:26am America/Phoenix
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Not this guy
(Scene opens inside the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas, the site of Holiday Hell. Inside the arena, vendors have already begun to set up stations for selling merchandise and souvenirs. The camera closes in on one kiosk where a man in a brown leather jacket is holding a replica Super Bacon mask. On the wall, beside the kiosk, is a small video screen showing the latest promo from Super Bacon, in which he discusses life as a superhero.) 

**Super Bacon: Now first lets talk about what its like to be a Super Hero! Well first off it is very busy. There are lots of crimes and people in need of saving. It can also be very dangerous as there can sometimes be armed robbers or villains! It gives you a nice feeling when you save people . . .**

(The man holding the mask turns around to reveal himself as WWX superstar, Willie Steen. He looks down at the mask in his hand and shakes his head in disgust.)

Steen: (Sigh) Really? This guy? This . . . this is your guy? The guy you picked to face me at Holiday Hell for the Television Championship. The guy you set up as the barrier to keep me from becoming Television Champion. This is your guy?! 

(Holds the mask up to the camera)

Steen: I mean, really. You would rather see this goofy chut with the title than me. This is the WWX Television Championship, one of the most prestigious belts in this company. The Television Champion is the most featured competitor on the WWX roster and, along with the World Champion, the face of the World Wrestling Xsistence. Names like, Tommy Lipton, Ethan Taylor, Chris Wilt and The Lost Soul have adorned this title. And you would sully its reputation by adding the name Super Bacon to that list?

(Steen looks at the mask in his hands)

Steen: I am the most talented and accomplished wrestler on this entire Godforsaken roster. I am a four-time WWX Television Champion. I am the current WWX Tag Team Champion. Ive been carrying this company on my back for nearly five years. I deserve to be Television Champion. Not some nerdy, bucktoothed, pimply-faced, Spiderman wannabe.

(Angrily throws the mask away)

Steen: Make no mistake about it. At Holiday Hell, Im gonna beat that Comic-Con reject and become a five-time Television Champion. Not just because I want to, but because I have to. I cannot allow the prestige and reputation of one of the WWXs premiere championships to become forever tarnished. I will not allow MY championship to fall into the hands of that undeserving dweeb. Youve stalled me long enough, Ranger. But this Saturday, destiny finds its way home.

(Steen whips his hand and angrily smacks a stack of masks off the table and onto the floor. He then stalks away down the hall as the scene fades to black.)

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