Not what it seems

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On Sun, Jun25, 2017 11:11am America/Phoenix
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Not what it seems
[The camera opens up showing the city of Louisville Kentucky. The camera pans down the road landing on a building marked "St. Boniface Catholic Church". The camera slowly moves showing an old run down building with broken block, and appears to be rundown.  The camera goes through the large wooden doors. Inside, bright white lights face the large red painted wall with the crucifixion depicted. Angels sit on both sides of the sculpture as the camera catches a man sitting in the front row, looking up at the view in front of him. The footsteps can be heard as Rayne can be heard speaking].

Rayne: Come, join me. 

[The camera takes position in front of him as he continues to stare in awe].

Rayne: Beautiful...isn't it? Something like this is not a sight that you get to see every day. The amount of time that the person took to make this, sculpt it into something for the world to see and become mesmerized by is simply fascinating. Each detail not left untouched, made to perfection and brought to life for each and every one of you to view with me here and now. *takes a deep breath and exhales* wow. 

[Rayne slowly shifts himself in the bench].

Rayne: You see, its things like this that people live for. The sights in life that really bring it all together. However, there are some things that aren't anywhere near what they seem. The exterior of this building beaten down and battered, but inside is another story. I am sure that by now most of you have heard the things that my opponent had to say about me in his recent big "sit down" interview that was supposedly the shock of the nation. While most im sure were impressed with his cunning of repeating himself over and over about how great the blade club is and how im this and that, there were parts of his speech that were on point. And there were also parts that were so, so wrong. 

[Rayne stands up and begins pacing in front of the camera].

Rayne: For some reason, people seem to think that I am delusional, that I am blinded by my own "ego" in order to see that I am just some narcissistic follower of myself that just lives for my own hype. If that gets old to talk about, then the next obvious thing to do is make some kind of weather joke about my name because lord knows that one hasn't been done before. Originality is non existent anymore, therefore leaving nothing more than childish antics and talking about things within a person that you don't even begin to understand. You claim I have some sense of Vainglory over the things that I have accomplished, that I am hung up on myself, but who continues to brag about nothing but...themselves?

[Rayne continues walking towards the podium staring it down. Etched with a beautiful cross and made out of cherry wood, it glistens in the light].

Rayne: A question was asked about your chances in the match to which you first asked if it was serious, *laughs* and then said that I had an ego. You claimed that I don't know that I can lose, that I don't think losing exists. Luckily for you, fact checkers in your promos don't exist because heres the thing, I know that they exist. You want to know how I know? How about my first shot at the WWX Championship when I faced Krimzon Blaze inside of a tower where one of us was going to be thrown down from quite the distance? No? How about when Darkness beat me over the crusade cup just recently? Not good enough? Okay, how about when you helped Fill keep me from the International Championship just recently? You see, I know what losses are and what they feel like. The difference between the two of us though is that where I know what that feels like, you haven't had a good taste of it yet. You haven't had to suffer through looking back and watching your every mistake playing out in front of your eyes. You haven't had to deal with seeing everything you worked for slip away in a three count. You haven't had to deal with any of that...yet. You can talk all that I want about the "ego" that I have. Am I confident in my abilities? Absolutely so. I know that I can do what needs to be done when push comes to shove. 

[Rayne walks up and runs his hand down the cross feeling the design as he continues].

Rayne: You were asked about our match and what it will take in order for us to go out with the championship. You stated that I thought I already had this in the bag. Once again Archer, you couldn't be more wrong. You see, getting into that fight last week with you, other people involved or not, gave me a whole new perspective of you. When I am wrong, I have no problem admitting it. And this is one of those times. I underestimated you. I underestimated your skill, your prowice, your desire. I underestimated the levels that you would take in order to get to where you needed to go, and you shattered every barrier that I had ever imagined you having. So to say that I think I already have this one? *Laughs* I wish that were the case. I know I am in for an uphill battle, and am doing what I need to do in order to prepare for it. I am taking the time of mind, body, and spirit to focus on getting myself in the place that I need to seal this deal this time around, where I was unable to the last time. I am not going around doing interviews, talking to this person and that person hoping to get a chance to plug my name in the media, the fans, and whoever else wants to pay attention. What I am doing is lying in wait, and evolving that much more before we get into battle once more. You on the other hand, appear to be nothing more than working out the strongest part of your body any chance that you get by running it in front of cameras. 

[Rayne climbs the stairs and walks over near the podium. He turns around looking once more at the sculpture on the wall].

Rayne: My favorite part of the interview was comparing you and I. You said that I wasn't a saint for bringing my hammer into the match. Meanwhile, you have used the Blade Club in every match prior to this one in order to make sure you take the win. You have come out and used all the underhanded tactics that you could to gain the advantage. And don't think that I am degrading you for that, its tactics. That is what this game is. That is what this place is about. Tactics. Do what you can to get your upper hand on your opponent. You have been successful in every aspect of that, and I don't expect this week to be any different. Do I think the Blade Club will interfere in this Match? That is to be determined, but I think that you want to prove that you can do it by yourself once again, without anyone doing anything else, and show that you have what it takes to be the champion. 

[Rayne walks over towards the sculpture and runs his hands over the angel].

Rayne: When we got into it, you took me to my limits Blade and im not afraid to admit that. You made jokes about my name like so many before you and like I, you underestimated me. You knew that I was going to be your challenge, but you didn't count all the things that I was willing to do. We ended up in a situation that neither one of us wanted to end up in. While I have stayed humble, kept the original championship as it was, you have taken the time to go get one customized for your little clic that will eventually implode on itself. You took to the time to make sure that everyone saw it. You took the time to run around talking about how great you were going to do in this match and so on so forth, meanwhile I have been here, in this very building. So...whos the egotistical one?

[Rayne walks towards the podium and pulls up his jacket revealing his international championship. He rubs it as it shines in the light. He puts his hand on the podium as if set to make an announcement].

Rayne: Since this is what you want, I will deliver it to you though. 

[Rayne reaches down and unstraps his belt placing it on the podium. He clears his throat].

Rayne: Sunday night on Mayhem, I once again step into the ring with Blayde Archer. Blayde, you better watch out so I don't have to use you to cut yourself!

[He lets out a small laugh and pulls the belt down placing it on his shoulder].

Rayne: See, silly puns aren't my thing. I don't need them. What I need is all in front of me. What I intend to deliver to you is the divine path which I have walked to get where I am. You can discredit me all that you want to. You can talk about how I am going to be this or be that. But at the end of the day Blayde, when the dust settles, two top shelf superstars are going to get into that ring and fight to the death. I know you wont give up, I don't want you to. I want everything you gave me last week so that way I can say that I beat you at your best. We both walk into this match undefeated on this respected show regardless of the circumstances. However, someone has to lose. Someone has to taste that bitter sweet taste of defeat. I could stand here and talk about how I am going to beat you, show you what its like, but it isn't about that to me. What this is for me is getting what I got last week. Getting that sheer and raw aggression. Seeing that look in your eye as blood covers every inch of our bodies and we continue to strike. So when that one last hit, that FINAL BLOW, is delivered, you can fall. You can fall to my feet, stare into the heavens LIKE ALL THOSE BEFORE YOU, and you can say...Its the Rayne...and it has passed. 

[Rayne slowly walks off the stage and down the aisle towards the door. He goes to reach for it and stops turning around to face the camera one more time].

Rayne: Blayde, you don't know me. Stop acting like you do. Sleep tight...the arch angel is coming...

[He pushes the door open and fades into the night as the scene fades to black].

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