Nothing But The Facts

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Tue, Sep19, 2017 9:11pm America/Phoenix
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Nothing But The Facts
The scene pans to a resort just outside of 3 Arena the site of hi Series where many have gathered for the Pre-World Series festivities, while many WWX Superstars have graciously taken time out of their normal busy daily routines to shed some light on their current thoughts regarding the upcoming PPV event. The crowd is relatively alive and taking the experience, taking snapshots whenever possible when one of their favorite Superstars has been featured so far. Soon, the crowd becomes more alive than usual at the sight of Rex McAllister, who is sporting a haircut, black sunglasses, a plain blue t-shirt and white khaki shorts and black tennis shoes, with his tag team championship belt draped over his right shoulder, as he makes his way to the podium.

Crowd: Rexcellence! Rexcellence! Rexcellence! Rexcellence! Rexcellence!

Rex looks on through his dark tinted sunglasses, taking in the crowds approval. Rex holds up his tag team title as the chants continue. Rex then brings the microphone sitting on the podium up a bit closer to his mouth, only slightly lowering his head as he readies to speak. He shakes his head a bit.

Rex McAllister: They've had it all wrong.

Rex pauses, looking out at the Dublin crowd cheering.

Rex McAllister: Every last bit of detractors that have had something to say about us at one time or another, whether it was behind closed doors or in front of these cameras. Each and every one of them, just spewing out whatever verbal diarrhea their little feeble minds could come up with when speaking to or about us, The Lipton-McAllister tandem. We live in a strange world where people donít try to know who we are, rather they go by, what they think we are! 

Rex pauses again, this time to adjust the tag team championship belt that's draped on his shoulder ever so slightly.

Rex McAllister: In the beginning of our time as a tandem up to now, there has been so many misconceptions about where we stand and why we continue to stand firm in our positions. Many of which we'll probably never even know of. However, there are a couple that I know of that come up more often than not when it comes to us, our success, and the positions that we hold firm with an iron grip. You see, before in the beginning, the common misconception was the typical one that men that dominated in this company, in business. We had to hear how this tandem makes so sense, it's not going to work. Two individuals who built their careers off the credo of "by any means necessary, every man for himself". They figured that we were simply going only coexist long enough just to add one more accolade to our resumes, take these tag team Championships and shit on them the first chance we got our first big opportunity to go after something bigger just like every other half-assed, cookie-cutter, make-shift unit assembled previous over the last couple years. 

Rex pauses a moment, to take in the roars of approval from the Dublin fans. Many of which hold up signs supporting their favorite tag team duel, while others are wearing "Lipton-McAllister" t-shirts.

Rex McAllister: Almost needless to say, but here we are nine months later, still the most influential, successful tag unit since the days of TNT and Fuse, The Holy Alliance, The Suicidal Stallions! And look World Wrestling Xistence! Look where your tag team Division is now! Alive! And well! You don't have to like it, because apparently that's the popular bandwagon to jump on.

Rex pauses once more, taking in more of the crowd reaction.

Rex McAllister: Of course...of course. Then you have more misconceptions, more drivel to spit our way just for our troubles. Let me just say this... too often, your opinions? They don't mean much to us, never have, never will. They're like lenses polished by the grit of bias. And as we stare through our own lenses, Tommy Lipton and myself, we might take a moment to and ask ourselves how much polish can the grit of bias actually create? But just as quickly as we ask ourselves something like that nowadays, all we have to do is look at our time together, how we managed to piece all of this together to what it is today, hold up our titles without really saying anything except bring your best and expect the worst. We don't question it, instead we just go out there to that ring and show you why, validating every last declaration and promise that we make tenfold! We want you to bring what you got...we expect it.

Rex pauses again, nods his head and continues to take in the crowd noise and holds up his WWX World Tag Team Title belt once again as he did at the top before lowering it again. He shakes his head in disappointment.

Rex McAllister: But see, we're likely not going to even get that at World Series. Now, why is that? Is it because deep down you've lost faith in your own abilities that brought you to the dance in the first place? Oh-ho, wait. I know what it is...I know exactly what it is. Corporate politics, right? Tommy Lipton and myself, we're the big bad backstage pirates everyone talks about, the ones that hold everyone else down! Right!!??? There couldn't possibly be any misconceptions there, oh no no NO! We dont work for a DAMN thing and expect everything to just fall right into our LAPS!!! 

Rex removes his sunglasses, his trademark look determination is unmistakable as the crowd noise heightens.

Rex McAllister: And that's.... pathetic. It's a cop-out, it's a little slanderous statement others try to make against those that actually work for it, when it's those same detractors that aren't doing enough themselves to even formulate that very thought much less utter such backwards statements. It's those guys that are going to look back some years down the road, and you know what they are going to remember about us?  Watching Mr. WWX Tommy Lipton, and The Rex Master, Rex McAllister. There going to watch-looking back at true greatness at work, marveling at how good we actually were and finally realizing what those two names truly meant to the WWX at it's core. They'll realize what we did for this Division. They'll realize the profound impact we had in keeping the doors open to this place!

Rex pauses, shakes his head again defiantly this time.

Rex McAllister: Misconceptions or not though, it is not going to make a difference, because that's not our focus. We aren't trying cater to change bias opinions, and negative upheaval. We're here to continue what we started nine months ago, and World Series just so happens to be the perfect platform to do it on, because regardless of all the buzz, we will go into our ring and do what we always do, what we always have done, and take care of business. As far as I'm concerned, if you're not going to bring your best, you might as well not even bother showing up. Hall of Pain is just around the corner, the biggest event of the year that's going to highlight the biggest main attractions of this year. The Lipton-McAllister tandem. 

Rex/Crowd: Now that... WAS... REXCELLENT!!!!

The crowd roars in approval once again as Rex once holds his belt up high.

Crowd: Rexcellence! Rexcellence! Rexcellence! Rexcellence! Rexcellence!

Rex places his sunglasses back on and begins to leave the stage as the scene slowly begins to fade to Black.


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